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Donna Marie Rucinski Harrington

Donna Marie Rucinski HarringtonDonna Marie Rucinski Harrington counts on her four fabulous children, and in addition she infinitely enjoys her students at a charter school in MA where she teaches technology, yoga and outdoor challenge classes. She figures maybe it wasn’t rational to try to write stories with math in them but once she imagined them there seemed no other solution.


Math Myths for the Modern Child, Volume 1 (Children’s)

math mythsMath Myths for the Modern Child is a collection of hilarious stories that have little bits of math in them! In Fractioned Fairy Tale you’ll see that only the village idiot would think of adding unlike fractions. In the Storyteller a poor man can talk only in numbers but is surprised to see who can understand him. In Bucket-O-Nanos, BD learns hexadecimal in order to make the color of his room awesome, but when his two moms find out they aren’t going to be happy! The classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty left out the part where the fairies learned to reduce fractions, so Piquant Sauce Reduction fills in that detail. Finally, in CATesian Coordinates Joe wants to train remote control cats in an important government program. But first he has to understand Cartesian coordinates and a very special cat, Moe, before he takes him on a terrifying mission!

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