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Ilyan Kei Lavanway

Ilyan Kei LavanwayIlyan Kei Lavanway is the ultimate ghost writer, but not in the typical sense. He writes and publishes his own works in his own name, and he is a ghost. Complete stealth. He has been an author for well over a decade and miraculously remains undiscovered. Ask around. Nobody has heard of him. An enigma. A prodigy. He capitalizes on his own obscurity. Readers who own copies of his works can rest assured they hold in their hands a truly rare set of gems, hidden treasures of evocative writ woven with heartfelt zeal and saturated with concepts of eternal worth. Mr. Lavanway is married and has one son who has Down’s syndrome. Mr. Lavanway grew up in Wenatchee and Waterville, Washington State. He is the oldest of eight siblings, seven of whom are living. He spent his high school summers driving wheat trucks and combines during harvest, earning cash to support his first love, the love of flight. He was an avid private pilot in his teens. Ironically, for all his love of aviation, Mr. Lavanway’s fourteen years in the United States Air Force never landed him a flight crew assignment. Nope. He was kicking it subterranean school in a concrete capsule beneath the North Dakota plains as an ICBM launch officer for his first four years of service, followed by a year of really uninteresting work in a vault on base. His next two years took him up near the Canadian border, to the giant, phased array early warning radar site outside Cavalier, North Dakota. Then, he was off to California. Academic assignments filled the final seven years of his military service. By the time he left active duty, Mr. Lavanway had discovered his passion for writing. Since life has thrown him a few curves that make it impractical for him to return to flying airplanes, Mr. Lavanway has poured his soul into writing. His education includes a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in space studies. Mr. Lavanway’s aptitudes for aviation and sciences show in some of his books, both fiction and nonfiction. His works offer unconventional perspectives, giving readers rich depth of thought.

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Sevenfold (Short Stories/Science-Fiction/Religion/Thriller)

SevenfoldYoung wife, Gracie yearns for renewed innocence. Abiathar wants to secure it for her. Their trek has been anything but blissful. Stomach their journey, and let your faith be strengthened through their experience. Glimpse miracles and tribulations of future pioneers as you live vicariously through this young family.

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Intelligent Universe (Non-Fiction/Religion)

Intelligent Universe newAncient records suggest that universes, galaxies, stars, and planets are alive and sentient and capable of communicating with their Creator, as are the peoples who inhabit them. What does our universe look like? What does it have in common with human physiology? How are we connected to it? What natural infrastructures are designed into it? What did the inhabitants of Babel intend to accomplish when they started building a pyramid? What of our Heavenly progenitors? Is there an eternal pattern of creation, opposition, and redemption common to the Fathers of our God? Are human beings mere creations of God, or are we His literal offspring? Inquiring minds and sincere hearts may find a springboard to soul stretching questions in this candid, concise, and well sourced work.

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Out of the Picture and Into the Picture (Fantasy/Short Stories/Science-Fiction/Thriller)

Out of the PictureOne thing leads to another as we weave our lives into the tapestry of eternity. An actual event inspires a painting, which inspires a story, which inspires a sequel involving another painting. Paintings have two sides. One of those sides is not the back of the canvas. Worlds overlap. Time shifts. Space twists. Experience the adventures of an aging pilot overtaken by a strange storm. Within the storm, he is miraculously reunited with his father. Getting home is not as simple as flying back the way he came. Enter an unusual forest with this pilot after a harrowing landing. Walk with him through a vortex that provides his only escape from an environment that appears to be swallowing him. His only way out is in. Come face to face with a sinister historical figure. Learn the origins of legendary creatures. Discover the name of a class of worlds you may have never before considered. Will this pilot ever make it home? Find out. Read Out of the Picture and Into the Picture, today. Don’t wait another minute. A minute may not be what you think it is.

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Earth Sink (Science-Fiction/Fantasy/Horror/Thriller/Religion)

Earth_SinkGet a long term perspective on eschatology and the end of the world. You’ll be around long after the next bogus prediction comes and goes, but you’re not off the hook. Revelations and bible prophecies will continue to unfold for decades. People want to know what hell is like and what heaven is like. People are scared. Some have nothing to fear. Most have every reason to be afraid. Experience the world as it could be if current social and political trends continue unchecked. This fictional epic is a challenging read. It is not entirely fictional. It is dark and intense, even terrifying. We have the power to change what’s happening. But, will we? Earth Sink runs the gauntlet of mankind’s self imposed afflictions and nature’s responses to mankind’s behaviors. Take a peek at technological conspiracies. Watch as moral relativism decays to moral reversal. Witness what happens to the population of a godless planet. Watch history repeat itself in more ways than you care to count, and in ways you’ve never imagined. Find nuggets of insight hidden within the prose. Be warned. It’s only fiction ’til it’s not.


An Aviator at Heart (Non-Fiction/Memoirs/YA/Autobiographies/Coming of Age/New Adult)

Aviator newAll he wanted was to fly. A teenage pilot with an itchy throttle hand, a DaVinci-esque knack for sketching, and four generations of aeronautical heritage can’t wait to manifest his passionate aversion to the ground. He sees every hard earned dollar as a tick on the Hobbs meter. Every unencumbered swath of dirt is a potential landing strip, legal or not.

His head literally in the clouds over airplanes and girls, the young Aviator can’t take a hint. Oblivious to the opportunities and history right under his nose, his jaunts over the Cascade Mountains of Washington State to fly 1940s era taildraggers at Evergreen Field land him in the company of local aviation legend, Wally Olson.

Three decades later, the reminiscent Aviator gets 20/20 vision from Dr. Hindsight.

Contact me for autographed copies. Over 250 pages including 120 illustrations offer a uniquely personal account.


Circumscription Hypothesis(Non-Fiction/Religion/Spirituality)

circumscription hypothesisDiscover the connection between intelligence and light and the theory of everything. Quantum physics and relativity seem contradictory rather than mutually supportive. Why? What is missing? What bridges the chasm of inexplicability and satisfies the demands of both schools of thought? Is there one equation that accounts for everything? Is there one whole within which all things can be explained? In the quest for a grand unifying equation, a theory of everything, must two camps work together as one? If we are to find a quantifiable answer that can be expressed in the mathematical language, perhaps we must acknowledge what so many are quick to dismiss. There must be a Grand Unifier that holds the keys. Intelligence must play a role in this mystery. Consider the ramifications of light and intelligence being synonymous. Consider the mortal model. Compared to the infinite span of eternity, each person’s mortal life is an infinitesimally brief quantum. However, as we all know, each individual’s mortal life is experienced and can be examined as an intelligent spatiotemporal expanse composed of years, months, days, hours, seconds, and ever smaller constituent increments of thoughts, experiences, choices, and consequences. A composite of that which acts intelligently and that which is acted upon by intelligence. Yet, the quantum of mortal life, when summed up in the eternal perspective, determines an endless and interminable state inherited after resurrection. The permanent and immutable state into which each individual enters after resurrection is a direct result of intelligent application of agency during mortal life. There are four known discrete states of resurrection, and they are permanent: Celestial, Terrestrial, Telestial, and Perdition (Outer Darkness). Inhabitants of higher states can access lower states, but inhabitants of lower states cannot access higher states. There are types and shadows of these facts available for discovery in the universe all around us, on scales ranging from the unfathomably immense to the imperceptibly small. And it is by the small and simple things that the greatest things come to be.

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Dreams of the Last Days: Where are all the Stars?(Non-Fiction, Religion, Post-apocalyptic, Supernatural, Paranormal)

Dreams of the Last Days Where are all the StarsGlowing spacecraft hovering silently. Low frequency rhythm of unknown origin. Immense hangar complex with open ceiling. Starless sky on a clear night. Baffled scientists. No answers. Unless you look in the right place. I started looking in the right place and found at least one answer. It has been around for centuries. Most dismiss it. Answers to our most puzzling questions, assurance in the face of our most troubling nightmares, are often right under our noses if we will but listen to the Still Small Voice, look where He directs us to look, search where He prompts us to search. This is a short, poignant, personal account of one such experience. While I am left with more questions than answers, I have discovered some answers. I am publishing this account hoping that others who have had similar or vastly different experiences can take comfort in the fact that they are not alone. Perhaps this account can give others a place to begin their own personal search for answers. The clincher that makes this account unique is not the dream itself, but the follow-up experience that occurred exactly one week later.

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