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JP Nicolais

JP nicolaisWhile growing up in Pennsylvania, where sunshine was scarce, he started reading Arizona Highways magazine and discovered that there was a brighter world waiting for him. At the same time, he discovered that there was an inner world that was also beckoning him. As student, he was forced to write but never developed a love for the craft until he began reading some of great masters: Shakespeare, Graham Greene, Iris Murdoch, Charles Frazier and many others. He also met several people who had a gift for writing non-fiction: a supervisor, a business partner and a brother-in-law. During his career, he worked in non-profits and as a business entrepreneur but never saw himself as an author. Here’s he became one.

For years, he suffered from intermittent insomnia and kept searching for a way out. About 10 years ago, while living in Virginia, after his ‘100th’ experiment produced a one-time success, he optimistically tried it again. And voila, it worked. So he kept using it and realized that it was available whenever he needed it as ‘sleep on demand’.

When contemplating his 3rd ‘career retirement’ in 2013, he was looking for a way to pay forward the many blessings he’d received in his 7 decades of life, and decided that sharing his sleep technique was one way to do it. After self-publishing his book with some help, he engaged Xlibris as a professional publisher. Using imagination and visualization, Simple Sleep Solutions offers a way to help reduce people’s suffering and perhaps will lead them to deeper spiritual awareness as it did for the author.

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Simple Sleep Solutions (Non-Fiction/Self-Help/Spirituality)

simple sleep“This image-rich guide to better sleep provides the author’s proven solution with a 90% success rate. Available on Amazon.com, Amazon and iTunes, iTunes, this book is accessible on all Kindle devices as well as Android and Apple devices. A Spanish language eBook is available as Soluciones Simples a los Trastornos del Sueño.

Learn how to adapt the author’s technique to develop your own sleep solutions. The technique is ideal for falling back to sleep and can also be used to fall asleep initially. You don’t need special training or equipment to personalize this proven technique, but creativity, a willingness to experiment and an active imagination are helpful. It’s so simple, you won’t believe it until you try it.

An expert in dream psychology describes how to access our dreams and how to use our dreams to develop creative solutions for our waking life.”


Soluciones Simples a los Trastornos del Sueño (Non-Fiction/Self-Help/Spirituality)

Simple Sleep Solutions en EspanolEsta guía para dormir mejor ofrece una solución comprobada del autor con una tasa de éxito del 90%. Este libro es accesible en todos los dispositivos Kindle, así como en los dispositivos Android y Apple.

Usted puede aprender cómo el autor desarrolló su enfoque y adaptarlo para desarrollar sus propias soluciones a trastornos del sueño. El libro incluye comentarios de los lectores acerca de cómo crearon sus propias soluciones a problemas del sueño. Es increíble. La técnica es ideal para volver a dormirse en medio de la noche y también puede utilizarse para dormir desde el inicio. El autor comparte sus recomendaciones de las actividades y los estilos de vida que promueven o inhiben el sueño. Usted no necesita entrenamiento o equipo especial para personalizar esta técnica comprobada. Creatividad, un poco de imaginación y voluntad de experimentar son muy útiles.

Debido a que el dormir bien promueve soñar, el libro también guía a los lectores a entender cómo se puede sacar provecho de sus sueños. Bonnie Damron, Ph.D., una experta en la sicología de los sueños, describe por qué soñamos, cómo acceder a nuestros sueños y cómo interpretar los sueños de manera que conduzcan a soluciones creativas para nuestra vida de vigilia.

La información contenida en este libro es sólo para fines informativos y ha sido obtenida a partir de datos experimentales y de otras fuentes que consideramos fiables. No ha sido evaluada científicamente y no debe ser considerada como una solución médica probada.

La versión en español ha sido traducida del inglés por María José Grajeda.