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A.J. Gallant

albert-gallantA.J. Gallant started writing a novel when he was sixteen but abandoned it after a few months. He has now created more than a dozen screenplays and written about fourteen novels, releasing two to three books a year. He has written mostly fantasy but also a paranormal mystery book I Was Murdered Last Night: a woman is murdered, but her ghost remains active.
The author now rises before five every morning with a meow or two from his cats, Moon Diamond and Sun-Jade. He usually works on two books simultaneously though putting eighty percent of his time into the main work. A. J. Gallant loves creating characters and worlds to share with his readers, appreciating each and every sale.
His best-selling series “of Knights and Wizards” currently has four books and is working on the fifth, Knights of Ash.
He is crazy about David’s Sunflower seeds (original) Funyons and pizza. And A. J. loves to hear his cats purr.

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King of the Castle: Braeden the Barbarian, book 2 (Fantasy)

game-of-kingsand-dragons-1“Dragons, wizards, magical horses and romance, this book has it all.”

King of the Castle is book 2 of the epic fantasy series Braeden the Barbarian. Word has escaped their borders about the fantastical castle and the invaders are on the way. Braeden and Zack are busy exploring inside the castle where monsters and magic lurk. Zack’s horse drops her foal and what a horse! And who is that beautiful vixen from another realm? Is she friend or foe?


I Was Murdered Last Night (Mystery, Paranormal)

i-was-murderedlast-night-2Anita’s vacation in New York City ends tragically when she’s killed in Central Park, but instead of the end, it’s only the beginning. Her soul remains at the death scene trying hard to process what happened. And there are other ghosts here that don’t seem to be much help. And, of course, the new reality of being a ghost does not sit well with Anita.
What is she supposed to do now?
Why can’t she go into the light? She appears connected to Detective Olivia Brown, the detective assigned to solve her murder. Is she supposed to help her or is something else going on?
Will the crime go unsolved? Does it even matter now that she’s dead? Or can Detective Olivia Brown get to the bottom of what happened that night in the park?

And can there be romance on the other side?


Knights of the Dragon: of Knights and Wizards, book 1 of 4 (Fantasy)

of-knights-and-wizards-4In Knights of the Dragon (“of Knights and Wizards) a dragon hires knights to try and save a kingdom. Adorok, the kingdom’s aging wizard appears to be dying when they need him the most. His spells are now unreliable, and he’s unable to maintain the shield. Is he living in a world of fantasy?
Princess Alexa pleads with her father King Darrius to make her a knight. The kingdom is going to need every warrior that can carry a sword. She’s a beauty that knows how to wield a sword. And does Stone, the King’s top knight have eyes for the princess?
Meanwhile, a boy is transformed into a wizard before his time and is unable to control his newly acquired magic. Casting magic in his sleep is a danger to everyone, even the King. What is he creating while he sleepwalks? Will he be banished from his own kingdom?
Dragons, knights, romance and humor. Knights of the Dragon.


Dracula: Hearts of Stone (Dracula Hearts series) book 1 of 4 (Fantasy)

dracula“Wow- this is truly one of the best books I’ve read in a very, very long time. I absolutely love the way Dracula is depicted in this story- he’s comical, and deadly serious at the same time, which is just a perfect mix. The characters he has around him simply add to the humor and depth of his ancient personality.”

Dracula and Piers Anthony together.

Valiant vampire sheriffs are being overrun and need Dracula to step up in this tale of magic, romance and fangs. (sprinkled with humor)

Evil vampires want to take over the world.
Dracula has moved beyond his twilight years, into a twisted state he never thought possible. He’s no longer a monster, but Dracula is depressed, suicidal in fact. Life is no longer worth living. Bram Stoker would no longer recognise him. His vampire diaries no longer interest him even though his only friend would love to tell his tale. People are being murdered by biters all over the world, and Piers Anthony wants Dracula to do something about it.


A Christmas Carol: A new version (Paranormal, Fantasy)

achristmascarolA.J. Gallant tackles a brave venture in his version of the events that changed Ebenezer Scrooge and he has come out a victor! A New Version of A Christmas Carol, adds more color, more characters and, more ghosts! Meet this version of Scrooge, along with his partner in nastiness, Marley as they revel in destroying lives, and pinching every penny until it turns blue. Bob Cratchet is still working for them, and Tiny Tim is just as ill, just as adorable and kind-hearted, but we also get to see him as a little boy, longing for friends and to be able to have snowball fights like the other boys. This Scrooge is not visited by three ghosts; he gets several, revealing just how awful he was. Will this Scrooge see the error of his ways before it’s too late or will he succumb to the darkness waiting gleefully to torture him for eternity? What secrets do Scrooge and Tim share?

A.J. Gallant has taken a wonderful tale and given it a more dramatic spin, while applying his own brand of darkness, charm and fantasy. Well-told, with a few surprises along the way, this is like a new and improved version of a timeless classic, with more ghosts, more life altering events, all while keeping in the spirit of the season. Get to know each character better, while you are at it!

Dianne 5 out of 5 Stars!