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Alexandra Amalova – Of Angels, Mice and Men: May 3rd – 5th

Of angels, mice and men (Erotica)

angels mice menThis new collection of erotica penned by the remarkable Miss Amalova contains paranormal and science fiction stories in equal measure. From the first word to the last, Alexandra beguiles with her lyrical prose and excites with her vivid descriptions of human sexual behaviour at the very fringes of belief and understanding.

Throughout this volume, striving to balance eroticism with fantasy, the author has created a more romantic and less sexually explicit world than in her previous works, yet its exploration is equally edifying and satisfying.

The stories:

Evie, destroyer of worlds
In a locked and darkened room, a woman too beautiful to behold slakes the thirst of a multitude.

Room for rent
A mysterious circular tale of love and lust plays out in an old house with an empty room.

The Equinox of Thirteen
At the Equinox, a girl plagued by lucid dreams journeys through perpetual rain to change the world.

In a distant future civilisation, libido is surgically removed to be reborn as a separate entity – a tiny winged creature. Productivity rises and the procedures are initially deemed a great success.

Of snowdrops, mice and yew
After his divorce, Christian moves north to find his roots and, in the village of his father’s birth, discovers an ancient churchyard.

The angel of Lonely Farm
An old house, a new beginning and a powerful storm precipitate incredible life-changing events.

I pay the ferryman
The ferryman for Livia’s final journey insists on the correct fare.

Automaton: the madness of King George
The eighteenth century’s technological advances facilitated revolutions and executed Kings, while simply driving others to insanity.

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