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Alexandra Amalova – Whatever happened to my teacher: March 16th – 21st


Whatever happened to my teacher? and other educational tales (Erotica)

TeacherIn ‘Whatever happened to my teacher?’ the beauty of Alexandra’s prose once again belies the often dark and dangerous themes. Interspersed between the four chapters of the central story that lends the collection its name, are seven enlightening tales in which one or more of the characters receives shocking self-knowledge in sexually-charged epiphanic events. Follow them as they are tempted and taunted by their weaknesses, and applaud them as – more often than not – they rise above their base instincts and thus arrive at new levels of self-awareness.

Whatever happened to my teacher? Lesson I
While enjoying a colleague’s stag night, Lewis realises the cavorting foul-mouthed drunk on the dance floor is his old biology teacher, the once demure and attractive Mrs. Cheetham.

First kiss
Recovering from a long illness, a vulnerable and lonely man pays to bridge the lost years.

TV Times
Carl will be forever haunted by an extraordinary encounter in a seedy nightclub
Whatever happened to my teacher? Lesson II

Symphony for the Devil
Lydia, an insecure young music student, gratefully accepts after-school tuition from her suave teacher. As sacred music plays, he takes advantage both of his position and of her naivety, and lives are irrevocably changed.

Miriam of Magdala
Suffering terribly at the hands of zealous persecutors, first century Christians used every subtle subterfuge to keep their burgeoning faith alive.

Last flight of the metapillar
During a drive through the countryside with her pop-star uncle, Jazz confirms that creativity runs in the family

Whatever happened to my teacher? Lesson III

Cleaning up
A writer’s journey is of infinite steps and starts with a single word. Typically – and usually deservedly – that word is ‘Rejection’. However, we stumble onwards and, by degrees, approach our impossible destination. Please give this particular stumbling hack a chance: under the auspices of his attractive cleaner, his spelling, grammar, style and ambition improve with every paragraph.

The treachery of images
A chance meeting in an art gallery gives a thoughtful teenager an opportunity to explore the limits of self-expression.

Whatever happened to my teacher? Lesson IV

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