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Andi James Chamberlain

andi chamberlainAndi James Chamberlain is the Stratford Upon Avon based author of Debut novel “ONE MAN AND HIS DOGMA” which will be released in September 2015, and upcoming short story collection “10 SHORT OF 31.”

He has written fiction in multiple genres in short stories and for stage for 15 years – Including the stage-play “SOUL OF THE PARTY” performed at the Stratford Upon Avon Festival of new Writing – and the plays “PARACETAMOL HEADACHE”, “MAN, WOMAN AND OTHER CATASTROPHES” and “A HOUSE TO LIVE YOUR MUSIC BY” all performed at the Festival of New Directing at Stratford Upon Avon College.

His work was also featured during the 2002 Festival of New Writing workshops in Birmingham’s Repertory Theatre.

His debut novel is a culmination of several years hard toil, procrastination and finally acceptance that the voices had to be put to page.

He has been a senior writer for online music and film webzine SUBBA-CULTCHA.COM for over ten years, as well as a contributor of leading Portuguese music/film/art magazine MUSIC&RIOTS.

Andi is founding editor of the LEGENDS OF THE GOLDEN AGE blog on Tumblr, where a collective of likeminded and vocal nerds gather to voice opinion on all kinds of topics such as Comic Books, TV, Film, Music, Art and Politics.

Occasionally he rants for fun on his own Tumblr page as well – THEELUSIVESARIANLIVES.TUMBLR.COM – But would like it known that he mainly just posts Cat pictures.

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One Man And His Dogma – A Novel (Young Adult/Horror/Paranormal)

one man and his dogmaA Man mourning the loss of his Wife and Child finds himself in the middle of a universal tug of war between figures from Myth, Legend, Religion and Scripture. A tale of Love, Loss, Life, Belief and Tea… Lots and lots of Tea.

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