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Annette Sharman

annetteAnnette Sharman is a children’s author from Leicester in the UK. She lives with her husband and two grown up daughters and cat called Tiggs. Her family is the most important aspect of her life.
Annette’s first passion is art (painting). She attended Art College after she left school.
Then she trained as a psychiatric nurse, and worked in the field of psychotherapy for fifteen years, and is now retired.
She has a keen interest in complimentary therapies and strives to learn more about maintaining health through diet and positive thinking.
In her twenties Annette co wrote a paper for a psychodynamic journal and it was published, which she sees as a great achievement.
More recently Annette passed the Royal Horticultural Society Advanced Certificate in Horticulture. She loves to be creative whether in the garden, painting a picture or recently writing for children.
When Annette’s daughter was unwell her cat became very important to her daughter. This is when she had an idea to write a story about her daughter`s relationship with her cat, whereby Annette would write and her daughter illustrate it, in the hope that it would help her daughter`s confidence.
So she took an online writing course focused on writing stories for children. She eventually came up with the story of `Hollie and Figgs`. It has a magical theme as Figgs the cat takes Hollie to magical lands.
Annette’s interest in wellbeing extends into the story of Hollie and Figgs, as it has meaning and affirming messages.
She plans on developing the story into a series and creating a `World of Hollie and Figgs` for children to get involved in.

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Hollie and Figgs (Children’s)

hollie and figgsHollie has a cat called Figgs. He is her best friend. When she has to move house, Hollie loses all her school friends and finds herself feeling lost and lonely. Figgs comes to her rescue with adventures she can only imagine…


To hear a radio interview with Annette on the subject of the Kickstarter please visit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03q5wtr at 01:07:50 on the time line.