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April Kennedy

April Kennedy is a Canadian Indie author from Ontario, Canada. She was born in Oshawa on November 4th, 1990. A Haunted Past is April’s first book and is a paranormal, romantic-comedy in the commercial fiction genre. She is currently hard at work on her next book, unrelated to “AHP”. April is a mother to one extraordinarily bright son and a loving long-term partner to a wonderful and patient man, who believes in her when she doesn’t believe in herself. April is the best of friends with the wonderful “A”, another up and comer in the Indi world. Without “A”, A Haunted Past wouldn’t have been possible. April is also a kitty-mommy to the extra adorable Miesha and adventures Rousey, named for the UFC fighters.

April is a lifelong lover of books and movies. When April is not juggling writing, mothering and being a partner, she can be found with her nose in a book, or re-watching favorite movies. (And binge-watching TV!)

April’s dream is to own property in Newfoundland, with her son and partner and live a sustainable lifestyle while pursuing her love of the written word.

April draws her inspiration from forests, where the world remains relatively undisturbed throughout time. Her favorite color is black.

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A Haunted Past (Commercial Fiction)

Angie Conaty has been having the same dream since she can remember. The same black sky and the same angry flames. When Angie throws herself into her career as a public relations expert, for the reality channel, Gottchaon TV, her dreams all but fade away. Until one day her boss, Jason Jones enlists Angie as his assistant director for the channels new reality show Sustainable! Angie has no choice but to leave the comforts of her home city Toronto, and fly out to a remote fishing town in British Columbia. Upon her arrival to this small town, Angie’s dreams come rushing back and she begins having visions while lucid, in front of the gorgeous Max Murphy, Sustainable’s leading man! Soon, fearing for her mental wellness, Angie accepts help, and friendship from local medians, husband’s Yin and Larry, who reveal to Angie that her dreams are not dreams, but memories of a past life. Will Angie solve the mystery of her (A) Haunted Past?

A Haunted Past is a debut novel from Canadian Indie author April Kennedy. It is fast paced and full of fun. AHP will have you laughing out loud and telling all your friends about the hilarious new adventure you have just taken.

AHP is fun and witty commercial fiction that you will leave you wanting more! Get your copy to day!

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