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Aurelia Maria Casey

AM CaseyWhen she’s not hanging out in her fairy court conversing with you, her readers, and occasionally her characters, Aurelia Maria Casey is a fashion designer and a biomedical engineer because she loves transforming ideas from her imagination to reality. It’s the same thought process as storytelling, really. Just a different medium.

She writes the stories that her imagination won’t let her forget about. These stories fall into many different genres and for many different age groups. (Don’t worry, she keeps the forums and podcasts PG-13 and she rates her books the same way Hollywood rates movies, so you’ll always know what to expect). She loves exploring story from many perspectives, so she started a book club where you can discover new authors in a breadth of genres.

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Sorcerous & Beastly Season 1 (Fantasy, Paranormal)

sorcerous and beastly

A villain Death is afraid of. One girl left to die in the Enchanted Forest, the other ran away and got stuck there. A lord playing prince and a prince who breaks the law. Can they overcome impossible odds and find each other in time to do what Death won’t?
I’m Death, and this is a story about a time I failed.
But honestly, I had almost nothing to do with anything that happened. So it isn’t really my fault.
You see, there’s someone who terrifies me. He’s done some truly horrific things. Basically, he’s the cruelest man alive.
I’m going to start at the prophecy, because until then I was avoiding my job. The prophecy made me hope that someone else would save me from having to be a hero.
Heroism really isn’t my thing. I traverse the world of the living and collect souls who are ready to move on to the afterlife. Nothing heroic about that.
Anyway, after the prophecy I started paying attention to life again, just to keep track of things. It’s taken me a long time to gather all the pieces of this story. It’s about some real strong girls and boys, men and women, who managed to accomplish something I thought was impossible.
I’ll let you judge for yourself whether or not I’m a coward for staying mostly on the sidelines.

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