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Ames Karas Editing LLC

logoIn 2012, I graduated from Oregon State University where I earned a BA in English and focused on Literary Criticism and Theory. Immediately following graduation, I began work as a freelance business writer. I found that my favourite part was helping my clients uncover the story of their company.
At the time, I also had a steady stream of colleagues and friends who sought my help with various editing tasks. I worked on everything from line editing high school essays to copy edits of Master’s level dissertations. I reviewed manuscripts and coached writers in theory and criticism.
In 2014, I quit my job, started a family, and joined the world of writers and authors. As a writer, I exchanged beta reading and critiques. One day, some of my editing peers explained to me exactly what freelance editing IS and that my feedback went beyond beta reading and critiques and would I pretty please stop doing it for free?
I spent 2018 digging into the freelance editing world. I shadowed peers; conducted research interviews; and got involved with The Editorial Freelancer’s Association, KM Weiland’s Wordplayers group, Realm Makers, and sundry writing and editing organizations. When the time was right, I launched Ames Karas Editing, LLC and had my first client six weeks later.
Since then, I’ve conducted manuscript evaluations, developmental edits, and copy-editing in both fiction and non-fiction.

Developmental Editing is my forte, hands down. My education is sharpened by a cultivated intuition. One of the most elusive skills required to do this job well is the ability to identify what isn’t there quite yet. I’m no mind-reader, but I can often discern an author’s intent (or close enough to help the author express it cleanly). I am wired for logic, theme, and theory. My greatest editing strength lies in untangling thematic and logical arguments. In part, it’s because on the Meyers—Briggs I am an INFJ, but it is also because I spend my free time analyzing the modification of meaning over time. Predisposition, education, and passion make me good at what I do.

On my bookshelf you’ll find writing craft. Story Engineering, Anatomy of Story, Everything by K.M. Weiland, Robert McKee, Aristotle’s Poetics. Classics like Poe, Emerson, Shakespeare, Dorothy Sayers, C.S. Lewis, St. Augustine, Jane Austen. I’ve recently discovered the joy that is Diana Gabaldon. And I’m digging Al Simon at the moment. (I hate Charles Dickens. #sorrynotsorry)
Thanks for stopping by to consider me as your professional freelance editor. Contact me to see if we would be a good fit for collaboration. -Amy (Ames) Karas

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• Manuscript Evaluation
• Developmental Edit + Free Sample Edit
• Line Edit + Free Sample edit
• Proofreading + Free Sample edit
• Mentoring + Free Sample edit

I recommend starting with a manuscript evaluation. You can find more information on my website.


“Amy’s editing services were wonderful. She provided a thoughtful and detailed analysis of my manuscript that included notes on strengths, weaknesses, styles, and themes. She was thorough in her critique and encouraging in her suggestions on how to fix areas of weakness. I would definitely recommend her services!” -Rachel Abrams

“Amy kept my ideas my own. She was patient, and clear. She helped me with college essays, websites, and my book. Not only is she efficient, but she’s also encouraging.” -Ben Schaffer

“I’ve read some of your writing and I am impressed. It takes much dedication to communicate as clean and clear as you do. Yes, I would recommend you. Best!” -Roy Gomez