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Bookmark servicesI cannot overstate the importance of hiring an experienced editor to polish your work before you submit it, whether to an agent, a client, or a publish-on-demand company. Editors are trained to be able to spot problems on every level: grammar, typos, word use, syntax, style, structure, plot arc, consistency. No one likes to rewrite, but with the help of a good editor, it is not as onerous as it sounds, and it’s the best investment you can make for your work and its success.

For two decades I have been editing memoirs; creative nonfiction; twentieth-century, Colonial, and ancient history; historical fiction; horror; erotica; science fantasy/science fiction; fanfic; LGBT novels; romance; thrillers; YA.
I also have experience with nonfiction books about travel; music; nutrition; self-help; business; human resources; medicine; law; Europe; true crime; pregnancy and childbirth; psychology, psychoanalysis, and mental illness; high tech; theater, TV, and filmmaking; politics; industrial, fashion, and interior design; and advertising.

An arresting cover is essential—it’s the flirtation, the come-hither—but the beauty of what’s inside (as with people) is what makes readers fall in love.

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  1. Copyediting: This is not only plain vanilla in the world of editing, it is nonfat plain vanilla. It should go without saying that when I work on your manuscript, I will find and fix typos, misspelling, punctuation problems. I’ll also do a little formatting. Basic 101: polished and presentable.
  2. Line editing: All of the above, of course, and a close and thorough reading for words I feel are misused, overused, or just not the best choice; inconsistencies in plot or character; logical flaws or loose ends; dicey dialogue; redundancies; or factual errors. Even if you were initially only looking for a quick polishing, I will bring what I find to your attention so we can decide how to proceed.
  3. Opinions: I admit it. I’m opinionated. Because I collaborate with my clients, I enjoy the give and take of questions and feedback. Sometimes in the margins, sometimes by email or phone, I make sure my writers know what makes me laugh or cry or think, and what I think needs a rewrite or a trip to the cutting-room floor.
  4. Final proofreading: After your revisions, I am here to go over your book one last time before it goes out into the world.
  5. Oh, and one more thing: I am happy to provide a FREE sample edit of your manuscript. That way, you can see how you feel about my treatment of your work, and I can get a rough idea of the project and give you a reasonable estimate of the cost and the schedule. Then, when the project is finished, we’re both happy. How often in life does that happen? And I offer a discount for students, seniors, and first-time writers.


I consider myself lucky to have found Victoria Wright. Victoria’s professional objectivity gauges the readers’ reaction. Her subjective involvement in the story helped increase its emotional and aesthetic appeal. Her suggestions to improve the storyline, the pace, and the believability of the characters, as well as the mundane matters of usage, grammar, and punctuation, tremendously improved the quality of my manuscript. Victoria was prompt, punctual, and forthright. She is also bright, knowledgeable, and aware. Her no-nonsense approach, without making me feel like an incompetent, is a skill hard to find.—S. Priyadarsini

…I had written a first draft manuscript and I knew I needed an editor. I called Victoria. The phone call was extraordinary. She immediately understood the stage I had reached on the book and agreed with my idea for self-publishing. She then laid out a production plan with deadlines. Victoria is a terrific editor. She has the editorial insights to spot, and then correct, problems. She has the skills to sharpen copy and to suggest more precise words. She is enthusiastic about her craft, and, thankfully, she also has a marvelous sense of humor. Working with Victoria had infused joy into the process of writing and the challenge of being published. I am happy to recommend her as a talented shepherd for writers who aspire to publish their work.—Lewis C.

I recently had my first novel published. As soon as I produced the manuscript, I realized I needed the services of someone to help me transform my efforts into publishable form. I contacted Victoria, and it turned out to be the smartest move I ever made. While sticking to the plot of my story, she suggested changes and improvements, and walked me through the steps to get it published, all of which, I feel, increased sales of my book. Victoria has made me a better writer.—William S.

Victoria exceeded my expectations and proved to be immensely helpful in editing my manuscript. She not only did a fantastic job of mechanically editing text; I don’t know how many times I read her edits and said to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that!” She is very easy to work with—a real pleasure, extremely competent, and offered insightful and oftentimes humorous comments. Working with her made the editing a fun process. She has me looking forward to doing another book.—Joe de K.

Victoria helps you through every stage of the book production process, from manuscript to editing to formatting to marketing, in a cheerful and supportive manner. Victoria is a writer’s editor. She takes the time to understand what you are trying to say and to make it happen in a clear and compelling way. She stays on top of the trends in self-publishing, which are changing constantly. She has good advice as to what formats to target, and why. Victoria is conscious of the budget that authors have and does not pressure them into more than they can handle. Ultimately, she quietly and competently guides you through the many choices on the path to successful publishing. She was terrific in the production of my book, and I would not hesitate to use her again.—Steve B.

I’d like to tell you about my experiences working with my editor, Victoria Wright. (I highly recommend Victoria.) Nothing screams, “I’m self-published” more than a book full of grammatical errors, confusing phrases, and worst, typos. And having your friend edit your book because she got an A in English just won’t cut it. You need a professional. I interviewed several editors before deciding on Victoria. She not only knows her stuff, but she’s also a lot of fun to work with. If you’re looking for someone who will maintain the integrity of your message, who will tighten your work and tell you honestly and respectfully what needs to be changed, then hire Victoria. You’ll be happy you did.—Amy O.

I have spent almost two years writing, editing, and formatting my memoirs. And I must say that I did an excellent job. Then I handed my work off to three of my children (graduates of Williams, BC, and Curry College—all English majors) for their review. And I must say that each of them did an excellent job editing and formatting. And then I sent it to Victoria, and with her help, my manuscript became a book. There’s an important difference here…I know that now. She is an excellent grammarian, a thoughtful and insightful editor, and a precise and professional formatter. And she is fun to work with. Really. And that, to quote Robert Frost, “has made all the difference.”—Kathy Y.

Victoria is a writer’s dream. As soon as I started working with her on my book, Breast Left Unsaid, I felt confident that not only was I in the hands of a pro, but that we were in the creative process together and it was going to be a fun ride! Her editing skills and coaching abilities allowed me to experiment and feel completely comfortable doing so. But it was her sense of humor and on-target honesty that motivated me to push for the finish line on the days when I thought I couldn’t write another word. I am the proud author of my first full-length book that is getting rave reviews from readers and critics alike, because I hired the right editor. When you work with Victoria you will have an editor, writing coach, mentor, and friend throughout your process. I am looking forward to my next project with her.—Jude C.

I hired Victoria to edit my first book, Attention Late Bloomers: You’re Right On Time! She did a fabulous job. Victoria was a joy to work with, and spot-on with her editorial suggestions. I definitely look forward to working with Victoria again on future book projects, and I recommend her work very, very highly.—Jerry P.

Victoria is a very special person! Her skill of helping and advising a rather new author to navigate through the complexity of the ins and outs of finishing a book is stellar! She is clever, efficient, and insightful…and also under budget. A joy to work with!—Tom K.

Victoria’s skill as an editor is superb. She is diligent and promptly meets deadlines. She edited a legal casebook for me and did an excellent job with technical subject matter. She is not afraid to make suggestions in style and phrasing, and her knowledge of grammar and punctuation is unquestionable. Fees are reasonable and well worth it.—Wendy D.

Victoria did an excellent job. She turned my manuscript around quickly and made great suggestions. Victoria was also easily available to answer questions after the job was done. A true professional and a very nice person! I highly recommend her.—Russell H.