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Dissect Designs

When it comes to book cover design I believe that as a designer, it is my duty to make sure your cover art shares the same amount of passion and heart as the content it is wrapped around. I believe that all indie authors and self publishers should have the opportunity to have a professionally designed book cover, no matter their budget. After all, why should only the big publishing houses offer these services to the lucky few that they chose worthy of publishing. These publishers will typically spend between $3000 to $5000 on a cover. I passionately believe that an indie author and self publisher should also have a beautifully constructed cover, and that is why I set up Dissect Designs and started offering my design Skills to authors. With Dissect Designs you can purchase a pre-made digital book cover for as little as $80 (£62) and have your Title and name added to make it your own. If your budget allows, I also offer a complete bespoke service that gives you the opportunity to have a cover designed from scratch. This is a one-to-one service that gives you the option to have a book cover perfectly tailored to the theme of your content. I offer this service for ebook and full print editions that include the front, back and spine.

A beautiful cover for indie authors that doesn’t break the bank – Welcome to Dissect Designs!

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Bespoke Book Cover Design for Print – Front, Back & Spine
Bespoke Cover Design for Ebook
Pre-made Covers For Ebook
Social Media Advertising Service
Re-Design of existing Covers
Complete One-to-One Design Process
Unlimited Revisions!