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Envision Editing

envision-logoAfter many years of working as a clinical pharmacist, I decided to spend more time with my three very active children. My love of reading was also rekindled. When some of my book reviews caught the eyes of a couple of self-published authors, I was asked to help edit their work. From there, I have gone on to edit other fiction novels, from YA to epic fantasy. After refining my skills through coursework, Envision Editing was born. I offer a variety of editorial services including developmental and copy editing. When not editing, I write for Fantasy-Faction, an award-winning fantasy website based in the UK.

Every author’s voice is unique, and I strive to maintain your distinctiveness. Publishing your work can be an intimidating but exciting venture. I would be honored to partner with you on this journey.

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Envision Editing services range from simple proofreading to in-depth developmental editing. Meticulous attention combined with personalized care will ensure your work is treated as the work of art that it is.


“Your editorial comments are all extremely smart and relevant…We appreciate your help more than you can imagine!” ~ Meghan P.

“Thank you very much for doing a great job!” ~ Jim L.

“You were both helpful and patient with a first time author. You helped to both make my story better and I improved as a writer because of your advice. Thanks!” ~ James V.