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Megan Harris Editor

Megan Harris has been an editor and proofreader for nearly a decade. Among her clients are awarding-winning authors who write in the urban fantasy, science fiction, horror, romance, and mystery genres. Megan has completed countless projects involving developmental editing, line editing, and proofreading first as an assistant editor at a small press and later consulting with authors independently.

Along with professional experience, Megan’s clients benefit from her personal experiences with military and law enforcement communities; human rights issues; and an education rooted in politics and world history.

When Megan is not providing quality service and attention to detail for client projects, you might find her reading, spending time with family, getting caught up on podcasts, or trying new recipes for her Instant Pot.

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Editing critique
Line editing/copyediting
Developmental editing
Book blurb writing
Synopsis writing (as part of a line editing project)


Megan edited Quintina, the second book in my YA sci-fi series The Starseed
Series. This was the first time I was able to work one-on-one with an
editor. The first book in the series was completed through a package
service from a popular indie publishing company and everything was
funneled through a team captain and a website dashboard.

Still shy about my writing, I was nervous about having someone more involved, but Megan did a wonderful job making the process easy and she never overstepped writer-editor boundaries. She really helped me to strip away extra words and descriptions that weren’t adding to the story, and was right on point identifying elements I wasn’t sure about while making suggestions on how to fix them. She not only helped me take the book to the next level, but my writing skills, as well. I’ll definitely be using her for my next book, and I’ve already recommended her to other authors.
– Author Meghan Riley

I’d worked with multiple editors before Megan Harris, but she was the first who I felt truly cared about making sure I was putting out the best stories I could. Thanks to her, I was able to take my writing to the next level. I just finished my fourth book with Megan and I’d consider her far more than just my editor. She’s become a part of my team.
– Author Rick Gualtieri

I’ve worked with Megan on two manuscripts. She’s made both of them so much better. She’s talented, thoughtful, and extremely thorough. Megan has hit every deadline and is usually a few weeks early! I HIGHLY recommend her. It’s hard to find good editors, so don’t hesitate to hire Megan–your readers will thank you!
– Author Jeff Altabef

Megan provided an in-depth line edit for my two novels published by Evolved Publishing. Since I’m also an editor, my manuscripts were pretty clean, but everyone needs an editor. I was surprised, pleasantly so, at the number of corrections Megan caught, the sentences she helped me tighten, and her great suggestions for smoother phrases and improved lines of dialogue. Whether we were working through chapters, scenes, paragraphs or sometimes down to single word choices, it was always a collaborative effort with back-and-forth discussion until we both were confident we had it right. Most importantly, Megan understood the voice and style of the piece and could edit to make it stronger while keeping my words, voice and style. I recommend her highly — the editor’s editor.
– Author Robb Grindstaff