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Patrician Press

Patrician PressPatricia Borlenghi has worked in publishing over many years and has written several children’s books. She started the Patrician Press in December 2012 after completing her MA in Creative Writing.

As Patricia lives in Italy half the year, some of the books have an Italian flavour.

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The philosophy and aim of the Patrician Press is to encourage and promote high-quality fiction and poetry written by authors whose original literary talent is being neglected by mainstream publishers and agents. The press is philanthropic rather than profit-driven. Titles are initially available as e-books and some books are produced in smart paperback editions. The list includes novels, a short story collection, poetry and one non-fiction title.



You are a genius, Patricia – genius in all its ambivalence, a person who is brighter than others but also a genius as a magical being who makes things happen. You made this happen, as if magically. I know it took a lot of energy, notably on your part… but the result is there. It is suddenly tangible. After all, there’s nothing wrong in loving print books. They are magical objects indeed. You can touch them, caress them, keep them near you. They are living entities. They crystallise thoughts, feelings, memories, projects. What an important role you play as a publisher! And as a publisher-novelist you are even more special.

We hereby present you with the Tosi-Hunt Award for the Swiftest and Most Courteous Publisher (possibly of the century!)