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PickFu logoPickFu is an online polling service and is the EASIEST and FASTEST way to test book titles and covers. Just provide your creative options and PickFu’s diverse and unbiased panel of responders will vote and explain their preferences, and you’ll get up to 200 opinions in just minutes!

PickFu was created in 2008 as a tool to quickly gather unbiased opinions from the general public. Since then it’s evolved to be a powerful marketing “secret weapon” for countless authors, designers, app developers, and entrepreneurs.

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PickFu offers fast and accurate preference testing for your potential book titles and book covers.

PickFu has been trusted by book marketers like Tim Grahl and best-selling authors like Al Podell

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“Inspiration is nice, but real-world feedback is more practical, especially if you want to sell books. “ – Bryan Collins, Become a Writer Today

“I have loved PickFu and recommended it to a half dozen people already. I’ve used it to quickly iterate ideas and have some data to make decisions. I’m a huge fan and will definitely continue using it for various projects.” – Tim Grahl, author & book marketing consultant

“I was impressed by its simplicity and the speed at which I could get results from a unbiased audience…to me, the most valuable data is actually the one liner provided by those who are polled… “ – Ben Steed, Infinite Publishing