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PROSE & Cons Editing

prose_cons_final_180x180PROSE & Cons Editing is an independent editing company founded in 2013 by Danielle Rose. Having experienced and expert editors is a must at PROSE & Cons, which is why all of our editors hold an advanced degree in writing and/or literature. Due to our diverse background, our editors can edit a variety of documents, including novels, novellas, novelettes, short stories, anthologies, resumes, cover letters, articles, theses, and academic papers.

We believe that every author should be able to afford a professional editor, which is why our prices are well below industry average. In addition to our low prices, we also offer a variety of discount programs, and marketing is included in all of our editing packages. We will provide favorable reviews, customized Facebook and Twitter cover photos, regular social media tweets to our 5,000+ active followers, and so much more!

We work with small businesses and independent authors, including bestselling authors Rachel Amphlett and Andrea Cefalo, as well as Liam Saville, Taylor Lavati, Jackie Parry, Margaret Bucklew, and many, many more. We have had the privilege of seeing all of our clients publish their work.

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Editing Services

Are you an aspiring author, or do you already have your manuscript completed? Are you stuck in the middle, or have you already edited your piece until your fingers bled? The road to publication is rocky and uphill, but you don’t have to do it alone! PROSE & Cons Editing provides a variety of services for resumes, cover letters, articles, theses, academic papers, short stories, novelettes, novellas, and novels. And we’d love to edit yours!

Once you have reviewed our editing packages, send an email to edits@proseandconsediting.com with your document’s word count. We will respond with a quote and details concerning our availability within 24 hours.

Copy & Content Editing

At just $3.00* a page (one page is equivalent to 250 words or less), we will focus on several things while working on your manuscript:

1. A line-by-line edit, noting accuracy–specifically spelling, punctuation, structure, flow, and logic.

2. An overall approach to your manuscript, looking at character development, use of themes, plot holes, etc.

We will provide in-text edits using Microsoft track changes/comments so that you can easily identify and correct issues. You will also receive a detailed summary at the end of your manuscript.

*New clients receive 50% off, lowering the price to $1.50 a page (or $.006 a word).

Final Touches/Oops Checker

Let’s face it, after getting your edits back, you’re bound to make more changes, but why risk publishing something that hasn’t been reviewed by a professional editor? At just $1.50* per page (one page is equivalent to 250 words or less), we’ll review your entire manuscript again (or for the first time, if you had a different copy & content editor), catching the oopses and making some final touches.

Please note that this service is not meant to replace copy & content editing. This is a final check to ensure you’re publishing your best quality of work. After all, it takes a few books to build a strong following, but it only takes one bad book to lose them. We will inform you immediately if we believe your work needs more than a final touch/oops checker.

*New clients receive 50% off, lowering the price to $.75 a page (or $.003 a word).

Marketing Services

Marketing is hard – especially if you’re new to the industry, and unfortunately, marketing can make or break your career. We’re here to help ensure your career takes the path of the former.

Featured Artists

Our Featured Artists service is offered free to authors, poets, graphic artists, and graduate students of the arts as a promotional service for your published or soon-to-be published work. If you are interested in this service, please email edits@proseandconsediting.com for more information.

Book Cover Design

Your story is important, but unfortunately, we live in an age where readers often do judge a book by its cover; having a great plot isn’t always the main selling point. Our cover designs are eye-catching and reasonably priced. Send us an email for more information: edits@proseandconsediting.com.

Front Cover Only: $25

Full Wrap: $40

Website Creation

Every writer needs a place where readers can get answers to their burning questions, and since a website is the foundation to a writer’s career, we won’t stop until it’s perfect. We can work with custom domains linked to WordPress or free sites using Blogger. Interested in a different platform? No problem! Email edits@proseandconsediting.com for details.

For this service, we charge a flat hourly fee of $20 – $25.

And for the busy writer, we also have options to maintain your website! All requested updates will be completed within 24 hours. Email edits@proseandconsediting.com for a quote.

Facebook Banners & Twitter Backgrounds

Establishing yourself on the Web can be scary, so we try to make it as easy as possible by doing most of the work for you. Maintaining social media accounts has been critical to the success of writers in this electronic age, and we strongly urge you to consider creating a Facebook page or a Twitter account so your readers can keep in touch with you. Don’t want posting/tweeting to consume your life? No problem! You have the option to only post when you have news such as cover reveals, book releases, contests, etc.

Creating a personalized Facebook banner or Twitter background adds professionalism to your page(s). We’ll create one for you for a flat fee of $20 – $25 per design.


Every writer needs their own logo, right? Creating a unified look on your website, social sites, business cards, brochures, etc. helps define who you are and what you do. Since you may be using your logo for several different things, we’ve created a few packages for you to choose from:

Package One: One logo – $25

Package Two: Two logos – $40

Package Three: Three logos – $60

Package Four: Four or more logos, please email edits@proseandconsediting.com for prices.


“Danielle is so much more than just an editor to me. She knows what she’s talking about grammatically, and in regards to character and plot development, but she also knows how to market. She has made Facebook cover photos for me, tweeted and featured me, and given me priceless advice about marketing myself. Not only does she edit your work, by using Microsoft Word tracking, she also explains why she fixed what she did. I have learned so much from Danielle’s editing. Danielle is very professional, easy to communicate with, and helpful in every aspect of editing a manuscript—from development to final touch ups. I love her work so much that I’ve booked multiple manuscripts with her!” – Taylor Lavati, Author of A Curse Books series

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the awesome, professional editing you do on my manuscripts. Not having been an English major in college, I rely heavily on your expertise and skills to whip the manuscripts into shape. Not only do you edit, but you market for your clients as well. I highly recommend your services to any author in need of editing!!” – Margaret Bucklew, Author of Just Say Hi!

“Thank you for the services provided with editing my latest book, Resolute Action. Your professionalism and high quality work were greatly appreciated and contributed considerably to the quality of my finished work. The professional help that was given throughout, as well as the continuous support and encouragement, were of great assistance. Without exception, I received a speedy response from the Danielle whenever I had a burning question about my writing. I gained new knowledge each time I communicated with her, not to mention the lessons I learnt from the feedback and comments she gave in my edited manuscript. I have already recommended Prose & Cons Editing Services to several other writers and will definitely continue to do so.” – Liam Saville, Author of Resolute Action

“I found Danielle on Twitter and was impressed with her website and testimonials. That’s all it took for me to send my first manuscript to her for copy and content editing. I was so pleased with her professionalism and excellent editing that I’ve sent a second manuscript for her to edit. I’m happy to share my experiences with Danielle and her Prose & Cons Editing Services in hopes it will help reassure others of her competent, professional services. She is prompt, easy to work with, and does a terrific job!” – Margaret Bucklew, Author of Do Wishes Ever Come True?

“I’ve known Danielle professionally for over two years, and she has worked as my assistant editor for over a year. She has an extremely keen eye for grammar, punctuation, and detail. She is highly motivated, energetic, and a pleasure to work with. Through her work as an editor – and in her own pursuit as a writer – she has come to a level of understanding of how the editing and publishing world works that exceeds most people. When applying to graduate school, I entrusted my sample writing piece – far and away the most crucial part of my application – to Danielle. With her feedback and line-by-line edits, I improved my writing sample and was admitted to the program. Thanks, Danielle!” – Shane Collins, Author, Editor, Graduate Student

“Thanks so much for your awesome editing services!!! Someone asked why I used a professional editor rather than just having friends edit… I showed your thorough editing comments sent to me, and she was simply in awe!! Plus, thanks for your marketing support!!” – Margaret Bucklew, Author of Seed Planters: The Unlikely Story of 3 Scarecrows

“Danielle has great skill in ‘close reading’ to make sure that a manuscript flows properly. She sees grammatical errors that others might miss, has a great grasp of vocabulary, and is diligent in helping a writer to create the best piece of work possible. I value her advice about my work and encourage other writers to take advantage of her ability to help you improve your craft.” – Vickie Hunt, Technical Writer, Creative Writer, Poet

“It’s always refreshing to work with someone like Danielle: she’s passionate about what she does and that shines through her work. The end product is honest and honestly good.” – Nick Tryling, Poet, Creative Writer

“Danielle has invaluable editing and marketing experience that I highly recommend others take advantage of. She has been a blessing to work with in both our website design and editing anything we publish. As a company, it’s important express professionalism in every aspect of our job, and we feel that Danielle has been a great asset to our team as an editor and a marketing specialist.” – Lori J., Rettungs-Haus Shepherds, Inc.

“Danielle is a true professional in every sense of the word. She is thorough, thoughtful, timely, and just an all-around great person to work with. It’s been a pleasure working with her over the past few years; her editing services are highly sought by my peers.” – Erika K., College Student

Read more testimonials on the Web: www.proseandconsediting.com/testimonials/.