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ProWritingAidImprove the readability and clarity of your writing with this FREE new editing technology.

Writing is a craft. And like any craft, the beauty of the object is not just dependent on the creative process, but also on the workmanship and joinery that lie beneath the surface. Can technology help strengthen the foundation of your writing? Yes. It’s simple, really. Common pitfalls like repeating the same word too many times can make the text sound clunky and unpolished, while choosing strong verbs rather than relying on adverbs creates greater emphasis. Mistakenly typing “principle” when you meant “principal” distracts your reader, taking their attention away from your idea, and overuse of the passive voice tends to be less engaging. The list of potential technical issues is long but most are based on straightforward word selection and arrangement and are easily picked up by well-written software.

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ProWritingAid’s software uses over 2500 rules in its analysis but that number increases each week as a team of professional copyeditors continue to extend the algorithm. The extensive FREE version is now analyzing over 200,000 texts each month. ProWritingAid presents its analysis in 25 separate writing reports. These reports identify potential technical pitfalls, giving writers the opportunity to reassess their wording so that it best expresses their ideas.


“Finished another edit today. I’m loving @ProWritingAid. It is so useful.” – Author Wakefield Mahon on Twitter

As a budding author, I kept looking for a writing program that would call me out on my bad habits. Several grammar checkers existed, but nothing searched out technical readability issues at the level I wanted. ProWritingAid was born to help me improve my writing, but I’m delighted that so many other writers find it as useful as I do. – ProWritingAid Founder, Chris Banks