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Pubslush logoPubslush is a pre-publication platform that allows authors to raise funds, collect pre-orders and tangibly market their upcoming literary project. By providing crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and pre-order options, Pubslush offers valuable tools for all authors to practice more informed and successful publishing.

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Crowdfunding: Authors and publishers can take advantage of our crowdfunding option to raise funds for publishing costs, collect pre-orders and market their book before publication.

Pre-Orders: Don’t need the funding? Publishers and authors can now conduct comprehensive pre-order campaigns through Pubslush’s Pre-order option. The ability to sell books before publication and have access to important reader data is now available to all at an industry low fee.

Crowdsourcing: Authors who want to entice an agent or traditional publisher with proof of market viability can choose to run a crowdsourcing campaign as a way to not only prove their audience, but to also know who they are and
how to utilize them.

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