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The Manuscript Appraisal Agency

maaThe Manuscript Appraisal Agency, established in 1996, provides a professional manuscript development service for both first-time and experienced authors. This service includes manuscript assessment, mentorships and editorial service. We use senior, experienced publishing industry personnel to work with your manuscript and our work is widely supported by the publishing industry.

Our commitment to our clients is to provide the most considered objective assessment of a manuscript and a commercial evaluation of it from a publishing perspective. In the highly competitive world of publishing, getting your manuscript read and assessed and developed by professionals is the first step to finding success.

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The Manuscript Appraisal Agency is pleased to offer the following services to Independent Authors:

  • Manuscript assessments
  • Mentorship programs
  • Editing and proofreading


“It’s difficult to know what the next step should be when you’ve just completed your first manuscript and have no real idea of its merit or publishing potential. An assessment from the Manuscript Appraisal Agency gave me the sense of direction and confidence I needed to submit my manuscript to a leading literary agency in the UK. I am now a client of that agency and my first book has just been published in Australia and my agent is promoting the book in the Europe. The MAA assessment was a crucial tool in bringing my work to the attention of the publishing industry.” Susan Parisi, author of Blood of Dreams (published by Penguin Books)

“Over the years I have had five formal appraisals of full-length novels from the Manuscript Appraisal Agency. In all cases the appraisals helped identify weaknesses in structure and characterisation. They pointed out where the tension and pace flagged, or when the plot became implausible. The two appraisers who read and prepared reports on my manuscripts were, I felt, working conscientiously to help me improve. Their reports were both exhaustive and thoughtful, using point form where necessary so I was left in no doubt as to what needed to be done.

The work performed by the MAA was, I feel, so important in the process that led to the publication of my work that I singled one of the appraisers out for mention in the acknowledgements of my book, Rotten Gods, the first in a three book deal. As writers we do get too close to the work, unable to see the forest for the trees. We write from emotion and instinct when often a cold, clear head is needed. I cannot recommend the Manuscript Appraisal Agency highly enough. It offers services that are second to none in the Australian publishing industry.” Greg Barron, author of Rotten Gods (published by HarperCollins)

“A special thank you to The Manuscript Appraisal Agency whose initial appraisal of the manuscript for Cry of the Curlew was the catalyst for publication. You are not forgotten and your professional services for manuscript appraisal are highly recommended to would-be authors.” Peter Watt, author of Cry of the Curlew, Shadow of the Osprey and Flight of the Eagle (all published by Pan Macmillan, Australia)

“The first appraisal was a real shock! I naïvely believed my book was about as perfect as I could get it. I expected a few criticisms, but not four pages worth! The appraiser enjoyed reading the manuscript, but went on to detail all the things that were wrong with it – which were many, I can tell you! The comprehensive report covered all aspects: structure, character, plot, writing style. When I eventually picked myself up off the floor, I realised the advice I was getting was pure gold. I completely rewrote the book and submitted it again.

The second appraiser’s assessment was much more positive. The advice included some brilliant suggestions concerning structure and plot line. He also suggested some parts as prime candidates for the surgeon’s knife. By this time I had become reconciled to the need to slash and burn – always hard for an author to do!

I cannot thank the Manuscript Appraisal Agency’s wonderful team of assessors enough. They showed me how to progress my manuscript and turn it into a publishable work.” Lorraine Campbell, author of Resisting the Enemy (published by Brolga Publishing and distributed by Pan Macmillan)