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Ava Morgan – The Industrial Spy


The Industrial Spy: Curiosity Chronicles #3 (Science-Fiction/Romance)

TheIndustrialSpyDominique Fontaine has worked as an agent for the French government agency Bureau de L’Industrie ever since her family’s bakery was shut down by the criminal industrialist Emile Broussard. Keen on bringing him into custody and restoring prosperity to her family and village, she bravely works undercover at one of his illegally-run flour mills.

Engineer Colton Smythe, an agent of New Britannia’s Cabinet of Intellectual Curiosities, is on a hunt for the man that he believes is responsible for his mother’s death. When the COIC orders him to team with Dominique to infiltrate a metal foundry in northwestern France, he must choose between completing the mission or fulfilling a personal vendetta. Working with the headstrong, though utterly beguiling Dominique may also prove to be his undoing. The pastoral lands of France are deceiving in this curious tale of industrial sabotage and passion.

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