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B.M. Griffin

bmgriffinMy name is Brandon Griffin, I write under my partial initials, B.M. Griffin. I chose to do this simply to keep it separate but the same. Plus it gives it a sense of mystery, until I tell everyone. Anyway, I live in a small town in the heart of the Rockies located in the state of Montana. It gets cold here in the winter so I tend to do most of my writing in the winter months. Our winters usually last from roughly October to April. Granted, those months don’t fall in the time frame of winter, but we can easily get below freezing and have several inches of snowfall. In other words, I write, a lot.
In the summer months, or the months where the possibility of snow drops below 25%, I tend to do less writing. In case you were wondering, snow can happen in June. I try to spend as much time as possible outside with my family. I have a wife, two little girls, two dogs and two cats. With the only other male in the house being neutered, the lack of testosterone can be overwhelming. We have quite a few ghost towns around here and many other places to hike, fish, and camp within half an hours drive from my house.

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The Books of Azric: The Beginning, Volume 1 (Fantasy)

azricAzric is a land of magic and mystery to those who know its true past. Zane, an elf sold into slavery from an early age in Realm 5, knows nothing of Azric, except what his master has taught him. He lives a simple life unaware of his pending adventure that will transform Azric. Colt, the legendary bounty hunter, recruits Zane to help him escape Orcshire. Now, as an apprentice, Zane can leave the treacherous Realm 5 and explore all that Azric has to offer. In his travels he meets several new people, including the tantalizing tavern owner, Sara, who keeps a secret that will change Zane’s life forever.