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Brandy Lay

brandyBrandy Lay always wanted to become a writer, but she never foresaw being a children’s book author. Majoring with a B.A. in English from The Ohio State University, she envisioned writing the next “Great American Novel” (which she still proclaims is her Everest Endeavor…someday).

Becoming a stay-at-home mom made it possible for her to reconnect with the magic and purity of childhood, thanks to seeing the world through the eyes of her daughter and son. After writing her first book, “Night-Night, Yellow Sun!” she requested the assistance of her sister-in-law with the illustrations, and the book became a reality. They are now working on more children’s book projects together.

When not writing, brainstorming, or editing, you can find Brandy laughing and enjoying life with her husband and discovering the wonders of the world with her two amazing children in Ohio. Her children are her muses and give her all the inspiration she needs for her books. She’s also grateful for such a supportive husband who continually informs her that when she makes it big, he’s retiring. Brandy tells him not to hold his breath, just in case.

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Wishpuffs (Children’s Fiction)

wishpuffsOne day, while playing in the meadow with her friend, Danielle discovers a flower that does not look like all the others. Although her friend thinks the flower is ugly, Danielle feels it’s special and takes it home. During a dream, Danielle learns about the WishPuffs, as well as an important message: That sometimes there is more to something than meets the eye.


Walk Like Penguins (Children’s Fiction)

walk-ike-penguinsGabby adores her Pop-Pop; they have so much fun together! But lately, Gabby has been wondering why Pop-Pop cannot do all the things other grandpas can do, like taking her fishing or going swimming with her.
After talking to her mother, Gabby learns that Pop-Pop has Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a disease that weakens his muscles and makes it hard for him to move around.
Despite Pop-Pop’s ALS, Gabby and her brother Brennan learn to create their own special memories with their grandfather, starting with walking like the penguins at the zoo.
Walk Like Penguins is a sweet and informative book for children with friends or relatives who have ALS. Through Gabby, Brennan’s, and Pop-Pop’s journey, your child will learn that there are plenty of activities ideal for someone who has limitations—and that not all memories need to fit the cookie-cutter mold.
All proceeds from the book are being donated to various ALS organizations specializing in research, treatments, equipment for patients, and a cure.


Night-Night, Yellow Sun (Children’s Fiction)

Yellow_Sun_ “It’s been such a wonderful day, full of many things to explore; now we count our blessings and give our love to the things we are thankful for.” Night-Night, Yellow Sun! is a sweet bedtime story for adults to share with their little ones, as well as an enjoyable way to recount their own days. As the sun slowly sets, children often become anxious about the night approaching. This story takes them on a journey of their fun-filled afternoons and through their own bedtime routines. Snuggle up close and don’t forget to say, “Night-night to all fun things” and of course, to the yellow sun!