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Branka Valcic

Branka_ValcicBranka Valcic is an indie author, herbalist, free-thinker and a vagabond. She has lived in Alaska, Oregon, Scotland, and Croatia. During summer she now lives with her family – a husband, young son, and a dog – on a sailing boat in the Croatian Adriatic. During winter they spend a considerable amount of time in the snow-covered Austrian Alps. Previously an academic, with a PhD degree from the Oregon State University and academic positions at both US and UK universities, Branka now writes full time. When she is not swimming in the sea, skiing down a slope or hiking through the forest in search of plants with her dog and son in tow, Branka scribbles in her notebook. Her first novel, The Lady of the Sea came out in June 2015. Branka is currently engrossed in writing of her second novel.

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The Lady of the Sea – (Literary Fiction/Coming-Of-Age)

the lady of the seaOn an island steeped with tradition there is one story that has been told for generations: the story of the Lady of the Sea. Grandma Antica, the village healer, shares the story with Mareta, an island girl whose name means a wave. Mareta spends her time diving, fishing, and collecting objects from the sea, weaving them into collages. Although Mareta loves hearing the story about the Lady of the Sea, something about the story doesn’t feel quite right to her. When a series of omens leads Mareta’s family to make a drastic change, Mareta loses her home, her purpose, and her self-identity. Following omens of her own and learning to trust her intuition, Mareta searches for herself and the true story of the Lady of the Sea.

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