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Byron Gifford

Byron Gifford is a father focused on raising good men. He is also a well-regarded financial executive. Writing a book and publishing art were two life-long goals of his.

He’s deeply passionate about inspiring children and using imagination as a tool to enrich lives. In fact, every stuffed animal has a separate personality to bring laughs to bedtime rituals.

When he was young, you could always find him drawing and cleaning the pencil lead off his left hand. Today, you can hear him as the voice of his dog, dropping pop quizzes for his family during meals, and lifting heavy weights in his gym alongside his wife.

Byron lives in Virginia with his wife, their two sons, and dog, Koda.

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Life With Graffy: Discovering Bravery (Children’s)

Early Chapter Book Age Level: 5-9 Grade Level: Kindergarten and up

Evan and his family are moving to a new town, leaving behind their family home and all of Evan’s friends. Scared and lonely, Evan is out shopping with his mom when he finds a new best friend – a stuffed giraffe named Graffy. Little does he know, Graffy is special, and helps teach Evan how to be brave, how to find new friends, and that Evan is never alone.