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Caroline Jones Lewis

Catherine Jones LewisCaroline Jones Lewis was born in the Welsh mining valleys as the 5th child of 7 but was adopted within the family at a young age to be brought up as an only child.

She lived with her adoptive parents in the west country of England where she was grammar school educated, married and brought up three children. Then redundant in the maternal role, her globe-trotting began. She worked in the Middle East for several years, had an abortive attempt at employment in the Caribbean before returning to England to spend a decade working in management in the City of London. During this time she saw first-hand the effects of Thatcherism and the 1990s recession that sent thousands of businesses to the wall and caused even more thousands of people to lose their homes. During her time in the City she was privileged to be granted the Freedom and served for a short time with one of the historic Ward Clubs.

Now, with grown up children and 5 grandchildren and back in the West Country, her energies are channelled into a labour of love – creative writing. Her stories are about everyday people caught up in the vagaries of life, of the social condition that society has become and where other people’s action impact on our own; the banking crisis; criminality etc. She says she finds other people’s lives fascinating and frequently amazing.

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Journey Into Darkness: The Tales of Shakespeare, Book 1 (Contemporary Fiction)

Layout 1‘Journey into Darkness’ is a crime thriller with a difference – not a whodunit, more of a ‘why?’ Opening in London, we find Jamil, the main protagonist, an immigration officer with the Border Agency. He has a secret past and dark plans for the future. An abusive husband besotted with his infant son, he has tired of his wife Katya. Both Jamil and Katya are of Turkish origin, both legal immigrants who met through their respective work. Already immersed in dubious activities and with contacts in the criminal fraternity, Jamil sets about putting into action his plan to dispose of his wife. The book takes the reader into his sleazy world to meet some of his cohorts – and the victims whose own stories unfold along the way. All seems set to proceed to plan for Jamil until fate takes a hand.

Two simultaneous and seemingly unconnected events throw a spanner in the works and bring DCI Ben Shakespeare of the Metropolitan Police and his Sargeant Mickey Gray onto the scene. When the police officers realise the two incidents are indeed connected, their investigations centre around Jamil. As they attempt to unravel the vagaries of the man’s life and crimes, the world and experiences of his various victims are exposed to the reader. The attempts of Shakespeare and Gray to bring Jamil to justice spread across a continent. But will they be successful or will he be the victor and evade their grasp? And what will happen to his victims along the way? Will they find salvation or will they succumb to the darkness of his world?

The story highlights some of the most pressing social problems facing the world in the twenty first century. Despite all, hope springs eternal!

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Monday’s Child (Commercial Fiction/Historical Fiction)

Mondays ChildBritain in the 1960s was an exciting place with the emergence of a youth culture, music and fashion, of Cliff Richard, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, of Mary Quant and BIBA. But dangers could lurk in the shadows for the inexperienced and naïve. Three cousins each embarking on a new phase of life are threatened by prejudice, political scandal and obsession. Will each of them survive or will tragedy strike one or all three?

Nancy, the beautiful but spoiled public school educated only child of professional parents, living in the capital but with a country home in Cornwall, finds herself embroiled in political scandal. Absconding from home after a row, she is drawn into the seedier side of London nightlife by a boss who sees her as an asset for exploitation. She teams up with Eve, a girl from the East End who is more streetwise and protective of her friend. As the Profumo scandal breaks, how can Nancy make her way back to respectability? How can she free herself of a stalker intent on causing her harm?

Cousin Hugh, orphaned as a small child and brought up by his grandmother, is struggling to come to terms with his sexuality in a world where the homosexual act is still one of criminality and where homosexuality remains a skeleton to be kept securely locked in the closet. Now in his twenties, he lives in London and falls in love with a member of the theatrical set who is careless with his own life and feelings and those of his friends. Hugh’s livelihood, and indeed his very life, are threatened by prejudice and brutality.

Cousin Lizzie, the only child of professional middle-class parents who live in Kent and are employed in the NHS, is embarking on a university career which brings her into conflict with the prejudices against women in her chosen field of politics. Along with the pressures of her new environment and studies she, like Hugh, is worried about her missing cousin Nancy and then in due course fearful for Hugh as his own life is threatened. What can Lizzie do to save both of her cousins?

The stresses and strains on the parents and family of the three cousins take their toll as the story unfolds. Lizzie’s parents, together with Lizzie, concentrate their energies on supporting the family through challenging times. Nancy’s parents separate as they blame each other for Nancy’s disappearance. Will they recover and reunite or has the die been cast? Hugh’s grandmother sees the grandson she has cared for since his parents died in a car crash struggling to survive. Will he make it or will it end in tragedy for Hugh as it did with his parents?

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The Dream Robbers (Commercial Fiction/Mystery)

Dream_Robbers_I being poor, have only my dreams
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread upon my dreams
W B Yeats

The effects of the banking crisis spread like ripples from a pebble cast into water. Two sisters and the communities in which they live find themselves embroiled in deceit, untimely death – and ultimately murder.

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