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The Power of Six – Coming soon from Nicholas Rossis


The Power of Six is an anthology of six short science fiction stories, originally written between July 2009 and March …

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A – Z Guide: Increase Sales with Countdown Deals


My A-Z Guide: How both my books reached #1 on Amazon turned out to be one of my most popular …

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Guest Post: Real Life by David Edwards

David Edwards E1398275629115

The media branded me the ‘Riches to rags’ author under my pseudonym of Jack George Edmunson and The Sun Sharer …

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Sexophobia and the original sin of sex censorship by Eli Yaakunah

The Woman Who Sparked

Sexophobia and The Original Sin of Sex Censorship Here is a surprising story of censorship. The article also discusses how a …

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Guest Post: The Power of Description by Richard Milner

Richard Milner Disc

I’ve rarely come across a reader who feels anything but extreme love or hate about descriptions in stories – that …

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Guest Post: The 5 Best Weapons for Surviving the Apocalypse

Clayton Smith

The 5 Best Weapons for Surviving the Apocalypse Clayton Smith By now, I think we can all safely agree that …

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Guest Post – Aghast: A Journal of the Darkly Fantastic

Aghast 3

It’s been months of hard work, but at last the Kickstarter campaign I’ve been working on is live. It’s a …

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Guest Post: Hans M Hirschi from the London Author Fair

London Author Fair

When I first received the invitation for the London Author Fair, I hesitated, for just about 0.0437 seconds. Of course …

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Guest Post: David Pedersen at Visioncon 2014


One way I promote myself as an indie author is to attend Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions. Visioncon was the …

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The Art of Reviewing, or How to Make or Break an Author’s Career by Matthew Cunliffe


Self-Publisher’s Showcase is my first foray into reviewing books. I’ve written a lot over the years, be it heavyweight articles …

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Guest Post: Inspiration by Ashleigh Steele


What moves you forward? Money? Love? Happiness? So many different ideal lifestyles can add to inspiration. The most important thing …

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What makes YOU a writer? by Ashley Cameron

Writing has helped me through many breakups and trying times.  She has been my partner, my therapist, my emotional North …

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Guest Post: Where Does a Book Idea Come From? by Deanna Kahler

Deanna Disc

Have you ever wondered where authors get their ideas from? Does a story concept simply come out of the blue …

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A-Z guide: How both my books reached #1 on Amazon by Nicholas Rossis


A-Z guide: How both my books reached #1 on Amazon January 24th, 2014 I’ve been reading contradictory opinions about book …

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Guest Post: Dreams and Belief by Duncan Milne


“I believe.” “I’ve got faith.” “I have a dream.” Simple statements with profound consequences. Belief, faith and dreams; they are …

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Guest Post: How to deal with a Bad Review by Mercedes M. Yardley

It’s hard enough to start a novel, let alone finish it. And in between that Start and Finish phase, we’re …

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Basics beyond the Goggles: Writing Steampunk by Ava Morgan


Everyone’s got a definition for what they think steampunk is. Jake Von Slatt, one of the most prominent members of …

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Guest Post: For Those Who Love To Read… Or Not by Amy Kaufman Burk

Until age 7, reading was my secret. Within the community of my ‘60s artsy elementary school, reading before 2nd grade …

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Guest Post: Democracy – Dreams and Frustrations by Tony Russell

Tony Russell

I like to think that when I decided to write ‘Commons People‘ I did it with my eyes wide open. …

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Guest Post: Top 10 Things I Did to Finally Write That Book by Ursula Ringham

We all have a story to tell. And living in Silicon Valley, our stories usually center around innovation. I’m a …

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