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Christopher Stokes – The Revenant of Black Manor


The Revenant of Black Manor (Horror)

revenantLive as a murderer, Die as a Revenant;

When multimillionaire Michael Gold becomes bored of the same old chores of life and inherits an old manor house in the UK, he thinks his life is about to take a turn for the better, but… he doesn’t know that it is haunted by a revenant who torments the living.

Michael Gold is a family man and someone with immense riches; he is the CEO of New York’s most popular tech corporation, Mobicell Industries.

But his money doesn’t bring him the happiness he longs for, and when his P.A commits suicide he decides to quit his company and accept his inheritance, a manor house in the London countryside once owned by Michael’s British ancestors, it’s the perfect way for Michael to alter his life… or so it seems.

Strange occurrences and unexplainable happenings result in Michael finding more than he bargained for when he meets, The Revenant of Black Manor…


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