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Clabe Polk

Retired after nearly thirty-seven years in professional environmental protection program management and law enforcement, Clabe is into a second career as a writer of fiction. So far, he has written three novels (two crime/action/mystery and one Christian fiction) , three novellas (crime/action/mystery), several short stories (crime/action/mystery), a number of flash fiction stories (on his website, science fiction mostly) and has a couple of novels in process. He is a lifelong reader with training in biology and natural sciences, and a great variety of life interests and experiences that lead him to write a variety of different types of fiction.

He currently lives in Powder Springs, Georgia with his wife, two daughters, and the family’s Cockapoo named Annie.

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The Road to Armageddon (Christian fiction)



reads the poster spread nationwide by International Financial Services.

Mark Bishop is a family man with a wife, a teen-aged son and too much month left when the money runs out. He needs financial resources. International Financial Services (IFS) can offer him those resources, but there’s a catch.

Ken Clifford, IFS manager for the Americas, has a psychological obsession. It doesn’t matter what he has to do or who he has to hurt, he will control his domain. Clifford loathes people like Mark Bishop who defy his authority.

Ken Clifford’s boss, Gerhardt Schmidt (the Antichrist), known in financial circles as “The Cardinal”, is CEO of IFS. Schmidt is commanded by Satan, “The Serpent”, whose mission is control of every human being on Earth. The supply of every conceivable essential resource is rationed by IFS.

Impossible? Mark Bishop thought so.

Now, Mark and his family are prey. Homeless and hungry, they are caught in the world-wide struggle of good versus evil leading to the Battle of Armageddon. Can they, or any human, survive treachery, hostility, slavery, natural disasters, disease, and starvation?

Will Clifford successfully take the Bishop family ‘dead or alive’ to satisfy his ego and ensure obedience at any cost?

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Backslide: The Detective Mike Eiser Series, Book 1 (Crime, Action, Adventure, Mystery)

Detective Mike Eiser is a conscientious small town cop. He takes he takes his friends and neighbors to heart. So when Mike’s partner and mentor, Charlie Bozeman is killed by a sniper right in front of Mike’s eyes, in a town that hasn’t had a murder in years, Mike needs to find the killer fast. The evidence points to a trained military or law enforcement sniper. Eiser’s boss, Sheriff Glenn Glassman is a trained sniper – could he be the killer? Or is there a corrupt conspiracy designed to make Mike Eiser a victim too?

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Hot Summer Nights: The Detective Mike Eiser Series, Book 2 (Crime, Action, Adventure, Mystery)

Lonnie Rafferty has problems. He is mentally and emotionally challenged; and he worships his big brother, Everett, his guardian and caregiver. He also has a compulsion he can’t control.
Everett Rafferty is a real estate agent, Sunday School teacher and pillar of the community; except that Everett has a few imperfections too. Everett is so wrapped up in his business that he would stop at nothing to make money, including using his brother’s compulsion.
Sheriff Glenn Glassman assigns Detective Mike Eiser to find out why houses burn seemingly without reason in the poorest section of town. Eiser, working with, Donna Miley, a beautiful and talented Fire Marshall’s Office investigator and an equally talented accelerant-sniffing canine begins looking for insurance fraud. What he finds shocks both him and the town!

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Schism: The Detective Mike Eiser Series, Book 3 (Crime, Action, Adventure, Mystery)

Atlanta’s infamous Bowen Homes Projects is no place for children, especially two teenaged boys. If anyone knows, it’s Kat Thomas. The single mom has seen enough senseless death and broken dreams to last a lifetime, and she is seeking a different future in Poplar Bluffs.
But dark shadows fall on the even the brightest futures.
“Mad Dog” Lincoln lives up to his name every day on the streets; never more so than the time he killed Kat’s fiancée to leave her broke, pregnant and alone. Now, the dog is demanding one of her sons as the newest recruit for his gang, the Raven’s Claws.
Kat is desperate to save her family from a life of crime but a single mother is no match for a raging criminal like Mad Dog, whom even the police avoid. All but one, that is; Detective Mike Eiser. Determined to end Lincoln’s reign of terror once and for all, Eiser will soon discover that ruining Lincoln’s plans might just turn a mad dog rabid.

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The Adventures of Harry Morgan (Crime, Action, Adventure, Mystery)

Three interlocking, intriguing novellas of mystery and action starring Harry Morgan, an aging adventurer who still attracts trouble wherever he goes.

Collegial Conspiracy: An old friend, dying of cancer, has a last request for Harry: “Help me rob a bank.” Against his own better judgment, Harry risks everything – his life, his liberty, even his marriage – to keep a promise to his old friend. And then things really start to get complicated when his friend’s son, Tony, gets involved.

Emilio: What drove Tony to robbery . . . or worse? After Tony gets involved with a drug-addicted college girl, she commits suicide. But what if it was more than that? What if it was murder? Harry finds himself playing detective, smack dab in the middle of an investigation that rubs up against the bank robbery he committed and is working so hard to forget. Can he solve the mystery and get away clean?

The Pirates of Cayo Pelau: Harry’s heard all the stories of modern-day pirates along the Florida coast, but that’s never slowed him down. As he teaches his friends to sail in his new boat, he expects mosquitoes and sand gnats . . . but he never expected to stumble onto a slave ring. Now he has to free the captives, put the slave smugglers out of business, and rescue his friends…before it’s too late.

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Short Fuse: A Short Tale of Abuse, Betrayal and Revenge (Crime, Action, Adventure, Mystery)

ShortFuse Revised Cover_AKen Handly abuses women; and everyone else in his life. He abuses not physically, but mentally and emotionally. He has had whole string of illicit love affairs fueled by his own self-importance. Besides, his lovers, he abuses everyone he works with. His intelligent, attractive wife is sick of the embarrassment of Ken’s behavior. The only person not sick of Ken is Ken; he loves himself.
When Ken consults an astrologer to ask why his life isn’t working out the way he planned it, he is warned that his behavior could lead others to react violently toward him. Ignoring the astrologer like he ignored most other people, he never saw what hit him.

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Devolution: A Short Tale of a Dystopian Far Future (Dystopian, Short Story)

Devolution Revised Cover_ADerek 100771 lives in a far future world where the human population has long exceeded the ability of the Earth to support it. Derek is a person who needs human contact and communication in a world where human interaction is controlled by computers and even sex is virtual. But Derek is a rebel. He is willing to risk correction and attitude adjustment, even recycling in order to maintain a little human contact. He is even willing to risk the fear and animosity of his virtual female companion in order to dream.

In Derek’s time disease and unexpected death have been eradicated and births must be supported one to one by deaths; life is lived exclusively to support the lives of the whole. And then an accident occurs that changes everything!

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