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Competition – Win a personalized, signed copy of Time Trap

Time Trap

Author Richard Smith is offering One lucky person a personalized, signed copy of his latest book, Time Trap.

Who was the mysterious Hector Lightfoot? What was he up to when he disappeared, and who were the two ghosts once seen in his house? School friends Jamie and Todd are destined to find out when they go to London to spend a weekend with Jamie’s Uncle Simon, who now lives in that very house. Soon after they arrive, Jamie has a frightening encounter with the two ghosts.

Hector, a veteran from the First Afghan War, joined a covert expedition to China, and afterwards worked on a secret Government project in an underground lab at the British Museum. He vanished suddenly, and was never heard from again.

Simon takes the boys to the lab, where they find a strange contraption – which, unknown to any of them, is a time-travel device. When the building is struck by lightning, the device is energised, and sends the boys back in time to the year 1862. There, surrounded by danger and exposed to disease, they are sucked into a life of crime in order to survive.

Only if they can find Hector will they have any chance of getting home again, but he’s gone into hiding. As Jamie and Todd struggle to find him, Jamie becomes convinced that the two ghosts he saw earlier are following them…

time trap London Map

And that’s not all! There is a London walk connected to the story (the Time Trap Trail)
Young readers, after reading the book, can then visit the locations featured in the story, and once completed, can print off the Adventurer’s Certificate!

You can enter in a variety of ways below, so don’t delay, enter today!

temple bar One of the landmarks on the Time Trap Trail is Temple Bar (pictured), which once divided the Strand with Fleet Street. If you follow the Trail, you will get to see where it is now. Question: Who designed Temple Bar? Answer below!

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