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D Nathan Cieszynski

d nathanD Nathan Cieszynski was born in Denver, Colorado in 1971. Born to a military family, he lived in many parts of the country. Nathan spent his most formative, coming-of-age years residing in Guatemala, Central America, returning to the United States when he was twenty-five years old.

Nathan was and is an avid reader, having used books as an escape from a world he did not understand, as a way to hide his identity from those around him. He learned at an early age the power of the written word and began journaling his life.

Crossing the Rubicon – A Personal Journey of Self-Acceptance of a Proud Gay Man was extracted from many years of journals, detailing Nathan’s memories of days not easily forgotten. Nathan chronicles his inner battles to accept who he was through major turning points in his life, as he came to accept the struggles and relationships which led him to embrace those things about himself that he previously wanted to destroy.

Today Nathan is happily married to his husband, Gary. While California and the United States Supreme Court only recently recognized their marriage, Nathan and Gary have been married in spirit since 1998.

Nathan is currently in the process of obtaining his license as an Interfaith Minister through Emerson Theological Institue and is an active ministerial intern with Common Ground Spiritual Center.

In his day job Nathan works as the Housing Counseling Supervisor for a non-profit Fair Housing Agency in Ontario, CA, providing assistance to struggling homeowners, education for new and existing homeowners as well as financial education designed for senior citizens, young adults as well as providing support and education to those transitioning from homelessness to homeownership.

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Crossing the Rubicon: A Personal Journey of Self-Acceptance of A Proud Gay Man (LGBT)

rubiconThis is the coming of age story of a proud gay man: a raw look at his inner battles and outward struggles as he tried in vain to be what the world wanted him to be before finally understanding that being true to himself and accepting himself was the only way to survive in a straight world.

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