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D.W. Whitfield

D.W.Whitfield, born in the N.East of England, attended Sunderland College of Art before becoming engaged in various occupations over the years — including Cartography, Land Surveying, and Psychiatry (nursing). In parallel, he continued to paint and exhibit throughout the UK.

After early retirement, he moved to the Mid-West of France and continued to exhibit in the US, the UK, and most of Europe. He even went as far as India. It was later that his first book was published, of poetry, followed by two short story collections and a novel.

He continues to live in the beautiful French countryside, still painting, exhibiting throughout Europe, and writing new work.

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A Sleeve Too Long (Poetry and Prose)

A surreal overnight stay in a hotel and a chance encounter with a man suffering from hallucinations began a process of querying the actual perception of reality. Further bizarre encounters working in various countries at home and even remembering childhood encounters began a man’s interpretation of his past and present encounters. The explanation of these issues are here explored using a unique juxtaposition and blend of poetry and prose.

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