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December’s Featured 5

Our 5 Featured Authors for December

1. M.C. Sburlea, author of 300 years of Sin

myselfThrough work and study Cristina managed to travel and immerse herself in many cultures which have taught her a lot. She devours information about almost everything (human rights, history, philosophy, the universe, multiculturalism, science, art). In the past 5 years she has had the opportunity to live in several countries, but she did not manage to decide where exactly to settle down. She is still trying to figure that part out.

Cristina loved to paint, write, and sing as a child, but due to unfortunate circumstances she had to give it all up until 2012 when she started flirting with the idea of changing her profession. Then, she met the artist she most admires in this world and he had an amazing reaction to what she was doing and that was the final push she needed in this direction. Cristina decided to give her passions another chance. Before this, she worked as a political consultant, but she also did volunteering work and research as she was studying conflicts and now she teaches, she paints, she writes, she learns (so Cristina would not say that her life has changed in the past year and half, she just completely shifted focus 😀 ).

M.C.Sburlea’s Author Page

2. Glyn Smith-Wild, author of Sanctuary and Repercussions

GlynBorn in Yorkshire and educated in London, Glyn now lives near the Jurassic Coast in the South West of England with his wife, teen-age son and a neurotic border collie. ‘Sanctuary’ was his debut novel and the sequel entitled ‘Repercussions’ is also now available.

Glyn says: “When, during a period of depression, it was suggested by a friend that I should write a book, I didn’t think the idea was a very good one. After all, I had been in finance for most of my working life. How could I now become a writer? But I had a go, and found that I loved writing, discovered some lovable characters, and between us ‘Sanctuary’ took shape.

Having finally retired from a life in commerce, he has found the time to write. His stories are directed as much by his mostly lovable characters as by himself.

Glyn’s Author Page

3. Alexandra Amalova, author of Literal Fantasies

AlexandraBorn in Russia and educated in the UK, Alexandra now shares her time between London and Moscow. A busy work schedule currently excludes partners, pets and children, but she hopes, eventually, to enjoy all three.

Her stories, written almost exclusively in first person, may include references to an adulterous partner, and the protagonist often uses this as a springboard/justification for his/her own amorous adventures. Indeed, her own impetus to write has sublimated from real and often debilitating heartache. Having four older brothers and having enjoyed the diverse delights of several talented, intelligent and passionate lovers, Alexandra feels equally comfortable writing from either the male or female perspective. Such has been the importance of men in her life, it does not surprise her that the majority of her stories are told with their words and are seen through their eyes.

Alexandra’s Author Page

4. Noyek, author of Chocolate Fantasies

NoyekNoyek, an avid reader and writer hails from the small town of Louisville, Georgia. She began blogging short tales but after high demand turned the pieces into an erotic collection, Tales From Pandora’s Box: Chocolate Fantasies. Her works have been featured on www.toyclosetnyc.com as well as http://www.vibrationsdirect.co.uk/. She has been in the Top 100 Authors on both the Independent Author Network and the Author’s Database.

Noyek currently lives in the city of skyscrapers and sexy nightlife, Atlanta.

Noyek’s Author Page

5. Kyle Brown, author of Dumb Waiters: The Awakening

Kyle BrownUnleashed from The Lazarus Pool and dumped on sunny Pasadena, CA, in the second year of Coagula… He’s a fifth-generation cemetery guy/landscaper whose lifelong passion for storytelling wouldn’t stay in its box. Known as the Irish Wolfman, he ravages your countryside – tales of hope snug in his pockets – always determined, always rockin’, always hungry.

Kyle’s Author Page

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