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Delia Strange

DeliaStrangeDelia Strange has always had a love affair with books. As a child, the bookshelf couldn’t be filled quick enough and stories were read over and over. Trips to the library yielded gifts far superior to the latest expensive gadget toy as seen on TV. Once Delia became the creator of stories, nothing gave her more pleasure than writing them, until she started sharing them.

Throughout her working life, Delia has held a variety of jobs that have each contributed to where she is now, though (perhaps ironically) she is a not a great believer of destiny. She worked as a clerk at a printing company, as a publishing assistant for a micro-publisher, as a graphic designer for an advertising firm and as a website designer for a retailer. Disregarding the four year stint she had as a motorcycle instructor, all of these jobs have compounded into an assortment of skills that are very handy for an independent author to have.

Delia Strange was born in picturesque New Zealand and moved to tropical Australia, where she lives with her husband and daughter and is thinking about getting a cat.

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Femme: A Wanderer of Worlds Novel (Science-Fiction/Fantasy/Romance)

FemmeA science fantasy with a touch of romance.

A utopian world with a touch of slavery.

Kaley Blackburn is sent to Femme in her final year of Future Tech studies. The world is a socialist utopia of low crime, great health and advancements in technology that leave other worlds envious.

It’s a fantastic place to visit if you’re a woman. Men, on the other hand, are the slaves that tend to all feminine desires. Kaley knew about the world’s cultural aspect of slavery but didn’t expect that she would be assigned a slave for herself for the duration of her stay.

Mecca is handsome, intelligent and obedient but every answer he gives to Kaley’s questions only feed her growing concerns. Does Femme hide an ugly truth beneath its glamorous surface and can she trust her feelings for a man whose duty is to make her feel special?

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Blue Shift (Science-Fiction/Short Stories)

blue shiftOne novella, seven short stories and a duo of flash fiction

SECOND LIFE: Brenda has lived in Dungoora for as long as she can remember, just like everyone else in the tiny outback town. She lives with an old man that could be her grandfather and with a young girl that could be her daughter. Except they’re not. The secret that bonds the small community is both comforting and claustrophobic. Even in a town full of secrets, it’s difficult to keep any of your own.

FORTUNE: If you could see the future, would you look?

AIR FIRE WATER EARTH: A four part story told in reverse.

MECCA: A ‘Femme’ novel prequel.

THE SONG: A tale from the depths of the Brisbane River.

…and many more tales of science fiction and speculation.

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Axiom: Wanderer of Worlds, Book #1 (Fantasy/Paranormal)

axiomSynjan Walker is a Navigator, her vision expanding well beyond the natural human scope. Raised by a man she owes everything to, she finds it difficult to escape her obligations.

Daeson of Cloverlea sees the truth when people lie. Unfortunately, it can’t protect him from secrets and it doesn’t stop him from being deceived and manipulated.

Hawke Aron of Donovan Court considers himself important but when he reveals a power others covet, he craves anonymity.

The Authorities have discovered hundreds of worlds. Beneath a veil of good intentions, they seek absolute control; every government, every continent, every resource. To them, the Wanderers that defy their rules are parasites that threaten their dominance…and must be exterminated.

Axiom Wanderer of Worlds 1 – EXTRACT

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