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DM Porters

An accountant by trade, DM Porters (Denise Mercedes – yes, her real name) started writing as a release from the drudgery of numbers and financial statements. She had always enjoyed historical romances and wanted to write her own, but life ushered her down a much different path. When others read her short stories and told her to take it further, she wondered and dreamt…
The dream became a reality.
DM published her first novel, Here and Then After, in 2018 and is currently working on the second installment of her Taylor Series.
She lives in Canada’s Capital and is happily married to her husband of 32 years. They have two adult sons who DM says, have been inspirations for many of her stories.
Blessed in life, DM hopes to empower those she touches showing that if you set your minds to it, anything can be accomplished.

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Here and Then After: Book 1 of the Taylor Series (Historical Romance, Time Travel)

Retired tax accountant, Elizabeth Edwards is devastated when she discovers her husband of 41 years, has been unfaithful most of their married life. What’s worse, she discovers this after he passes away when deep, punishing secrets are revealed. She is left to struggle with the deception and the fact that her life has been a lie.
Broken, tortured and alone, Beth decides to leave her life behind and start over with what little time she had left.

With a keen eye for antiques and her love of history, Beth embarks on a journey to England that will change everything for her, even time. She visits the countryside to explore its grand manors and estates. Then, the directions to a ‘hidden gem’ are disclosed to her, and she is inexplicably drawn to this estate – Taylor Manor.

Faced with her own sudden death, Beth is given a second chance to live. This time, however, it is in the body of a beautiful young woman living her own hell 200 years in the past. In a twist of fate, the haven she is sent to is Taylor Manor, where she is to work as a maid. There she meets the brooding Lord Samuel Taylor, who has lived through his own pain and suffering.

Can Beth start over and learn to live in this new and dangerous world while resisting her growing attraction to handsome Lord Taylor? Can he allow himself to love while battling his own demons?
Love truly has no boundaries, not even time.