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Dom Conlon

Dominic ConlonDom Conlon’s first story was whispered to him by a child no bigger than an ant. “I know a giant whose name is Tiny” said the child from the crack of a wall by an old well. Since that moment, Dom has been returning regularly to the wall by the well and listens most intently for anything up to thirty seconds before rushing off to spend months writing new stories and poems for children.

Everything he writes is available for free on his Inkology website and because many people seem to enjoy reading the things placed there, Dom is blessed by people offering him beautiful illustrations to accompany the text. Some illustrators have helped him turn small stories and ideas into beautiful books, all of which are available through Amazon or iBooks.

Recently, Dom has been to the wall by the well many times, occasionally by moonlight. The bounty from these visits will be coming soon.

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I AM A GIANT: Tiny the Giant (Children’s Fiction)

tiny the giantWhen Tiny tries to measure his shadow he finds that no matter how fast he runs, he is unable to reach the end. “I AM A GIANT!” he says. But when he goes to tell the world, nobody believes him. Follow Tiny in this beautifully illustrated story of discovery and self-belief.

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I WILL EAT THE MOON: Tiny the Giant (Children’s Fiction)

I will eat the moonTiny the Giant returns! And Tiny the Giant is hungry. And when this little giant gets hungry, he gets VERY hungry. But how on earth do you satisfy such an enormous appetite? Tiny knows there’s only one way he can – he must EAT THE MOON!

Dom Conlon and Nicola Anderson continue their critically acclaimed creative partnership to bring back the little boy with the huge self-belief. This, Tiny’s second adventure is packed with sharing, determination and food fit for giants! And a cow. And an owl. And a squirrel. And a monkey. And a MOON!

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TOMMY TICKLETAIL (Children’s Fiction)

tommy tickletailPeep peep, sneak sneak, creak creak. Two children make their way through a midnight kitchen for a midnight snack. All is quiet. All is still. But one false move and TOMMY TICKLETAIL will wake.

But who, or what, is Tommy Tickletail?

This tale of anticipation and suspense is beautifully illustrated with watercolour paintings to make each page captivate the reader.

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How To Pee In Zero G (Children’s Fiction)

how to pee in zero gHow To Pee In Zero G is the story of a young girl called Sam on a visit to the International Space Station!

Sam is very excited (who wouldn’t be!). She is going on a journey into space to meet her friends, the Jetpack Journeys team. Once there, however, Sam realises that she has forgotten something very important indeed – Sam has forgotten to listen to her Mum. And that could lead to a very messy situation.

Children will learn about scientific principles through a delightful story. What is Zero G? How was the International Space Station built? What do astronauts eat in space? How does a space ship blast off? And of course, the all-important – how do you go to the toilet out in space?!

How To Pee In Zero G includes:
– a fully illustrated story
– a look at the International Space Station
– Fun Zero G facts
– Meet the Jetpack Journeys team!

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Astro Poetica (Children’s/Poetry)

astro poeticaDiscover the Universe through poetry in this beautifully illustrated and highly acclaimed book from the author of Tiny the Giant. From the Big Bang to a Black Hole, each poem invites us to see the world around us in a new way. Sometimes funny, sometimes tender, the poems are for children to delight in. Chapters at the end help readers get the most out of reading and writing poetry.

“I wanted to just read them all in one delicious bite.” — Nicola Davies, English Association Picture Book award winner, 2014

“…funny tender poems for children.” — George Szirtes, CLPE Winner 2013

“Dom’s poems lightly and lovingly invite us to look to the heavens, so that we may see what is out there, to consider our place in the great whirling constellation of things, that to me is poetry.” — John Siddique, Author of ‘Don’t Wear It On Your Head’

“Ingenious, engaging and charming.” — Jon Culshaw

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