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Dr. Linda L. Moore

LindaMooreDR. LINDA L. MOORE is a Kansas City based psychologist, author, speaker and management consultant. She is President of Linda L. Moore & Associates, and the co-founder and former President of CenterPoint, an out-patient counseling center. Dr. Moore consults and speaks nationally and is known for her work with women, leadership training, executive coaching, stress management, and human relations.

Dr. Moore received her doctorate from the University of Virginia. She holds a Hauptmann distinguished faculty fellow appointment at Park University. She is a member of the AIDS Foundation Board, American Psychological Association and the Division of Media Psychology. She is an originating member of the Central Exchange; a founding member of the Metropolitan Organization for Countering Sexual Assault (MOCSA); a member of the Advisory Board of the Women’s Foundation of Kansas City as well as a co-founder of the Spirituality Field of Interest Fund; a former board member for UMKC’s Women’s Center; and the UMKC Community Counseling Center. She has been a consultant and facilitator for the Phoenix based National Institute for Leadership Development for 25 years and currently facilitates a yearly leadership training series for the Central Exchange.

Dr. Moore has published a book on power, Release from Powerlessness: Take Charge of Your Life. Her second book, on the psychology of women, is titled What’s Wrong With M?: Maybe Not That Much! She also has a third book, Your Personal Stress Analysis, and a novel in the works.

Prior to her present activities, Dr. Moore was the Contributing Editor on psychological issues for KMBC TV 9 News; the host of a daily educational/psychology talk show on KNHN radio, the former KC affiliate of CNN news; Co-Hostess and Producer of “Let’s Talk”, an educational TV talk show; the Associate Director of the University of Missouri – Kansas City Counseling Center; Assistant Professor of Counselor Education at UMKC; Professor at the Federal Executive Institute in Charlottesville, Virginia; and a Counselor at the University of Virginia.

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Release From Powerlessness: Take Charge of Your Life (Self-Help)

release from powerlessWomen describe Release from Powerlessness as a true handbook for understanding the impact on every aspect of life when you “give power away” – loss of self, disrupted relationships, and addictions. At the end of each chapter there are steps for taking power back and living a happy, healthy, productive life. The reader is guided with vignettes, testimonials, exercises for reflection and behavior change – and finally, with a chapter for men or for understanding them.


What’s Wrong With Me? Maybe Not that Much! (Self-Help)

whats wrong with meWhat’s Wrong With Me? Maybe Not That Much challenges and teaches you to ask HEALTHY questions. When the focus is on what’s wrong with me, you lose the “juice” of life -­‐-­‐ of being fully present to love and laugh and work and play. This workbook -­‐-­‐ yes, you are asked to WRITE about what you think and feel -­‐-­‐ helps you quiet the negative questions, ask healthy ones, and head in a direction to problem solve and embrace a positive and powerful direction in life.


Your Personal Stress Analysis (Self-Help)

stressEveryone is periodically over whelmed by stress! In all areas, all kinds of people – individuals, couples, employees, students – struggle with stress. And today, far more than usual. Life is moving at a speed that challenges us. This workbook is designed around ideas to help you ‘handle’ your stress.