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Dylan Walker

Dylan WalkerDylan Walker was born in 1984 and raised in Sussex, England. The son of a banker and an actress, Dylan was educated at Hurstpierpoint College and Bartholomews in Brighton, before progressing to the University of Brighton in 2003. Three years later he graduated with a BA Hons degree in criminology and sociology, a degree which has informed his writing ever since.

Having written short-stories, novellas and even song lyrics since his early teens, Dylan’s passion for writing was placed on the back-burner whilst sporting stardom was emphatically ruled-out and a subsequent career in London’s corporate circle was half-heartedly pursued. However, redundancy at the height of the financial crisis of 2008 resulted in his love of writing becoming his occupation. Unconfident and ultimately unsuccessful forays into the historical fiction genre were swiftly followed by a decision to use his life experiences to create the first book he has put into the public domain – Journal of a Job Hunter. Dylan is always quick to ensure family, friends and readers that the book is far from autobiographical; rather it is one that offers an insight into the thoughts, experiences and dreams of Britain’s newest comedy fiction writer.

Dylan Walker now lives in Sussex with his fiancée and is nervously awaiting his impending nuptials by writing his second book rather than the seating plan.


Journal of a Job Hunter (Comedy/Commercial/Memoir/YA)

journal of a job hunterRyan Jackson is a successful young marketing executive in London’s West End, living the high-life and fashioning a promising career. Then the financial crash happened.

In its aftermath Ryan finds himself redundant and broke, demoralised and ashamed, and plunged into a hunt for employment in the midst of a global recession where frustration, depression and adventure await to welcome him with open-arms.

Opportunities come and go in a blizzard of anger and self-pity and Ryan’s decline to the depths of shame and demoralisation is quickened by an ex-girlfriend who has successfully moved onwards and upwards. Dealing with rejection at all turns has Ryan questioning his own sense of worth as his confidence in himself and the world around him rapidly disappears.

The pursuit of a lifelong dream offers minimal respite but when the chance to make some quick and easy money leads Ryan astray, he is jettisoned into a world of crime and immorality that he cannot begin to comprehend, and one that he struggles to survive.

Journal of a Job Hunter is Ryan’s account of the daily trials of searching through a dwindling selection of available jobs, dealing with the challenges of moronic recruitment agents and traversing the minefield of ill-advised interviews. All the while attempting to discover just what he is prepared to sacrifice in order to succeed. Set in the city of London and the Sussex countryside Ryan offers heartfelt insight into a life spiralling out of control and a man ashamed by his inability to stop it.

Humorous, moving and exciting, Journal of a Job Hunter is an endearing tale of perseverance and determination, of hope and despair, and of the battle between demons of one’s own making.

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