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Edward M. Donnelly

Edward DonnellyEdward M. Donnelly is a high school English teacher in Stamford, Connecticut. Out of the Light of Darkness is his second book. His first book is titled, Eddy’s Life Poetry. Edward writes to find meaning in darkness and hope in the presence of light. He believes laughter is the elixer of a well lived life.

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Out of the Light of Darkness (Short Stories)

Out of the Light NewOut of the Light of Darkness is a compelling collection of short stories that deal with ephemeral moments, unforgettable relationships, and death. The longest story, a novella, tells the story of a teen trying to understand and find good in his father. Readers will be pulled into the story as they see Matty struggle to see light in a man who is shrouded by darkness.


Eddy’s Life Poetry (Poetry)

Eddys Life PoetryThis is Edward Donnelly’s first book of poetry. This book will give you a peek into the chambers of his heart and the experiences that have influenced his art.


A Little Bit of Everything (Poetry)

a little bit of everythingThis book of poetry is about a little bit of everything. The poems are about the simplicity of life and the profoundness of a fleeting moment.