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Eric Kabakoff

eric kabakoffEric Kabakoff became a baseball fan during his first visit to a major league stadium as a ten-year-old in 1985. He had a monumentally undistinguished career in Little League before resigning himself to a lifetime of being a good fan rather than a poor player.

A diehard New York Yankees fan like his dad, he began to appreciate the other teams and grew interested in the unique characteristics of each team’s home ballpark. He became determined to visit all thirty major league teams to see each fan experience up close.

Eric and his wife Chrissie live in Brooklyn, NY, with their dog Lucy and their cat, a very needy pile of fur simply named Kitty. Neither pet is a baseball fan, though Lucy does like to bite the TV when baseball games are on.


Rally Caps, Rain Delays and Racing Sausages (Sport/Travel)

rally capsA fervent baseball fan since the age of ten, Eric Kabakoff visited the home park of every major league franchise to see up close how each team tries to stir up the passions of its fans.

In the years between his first-ever ballgame in Philadelphia and the last of his quest in Tampa, he had seen baseball in four different decades: from the 26-team 1980’s to the current 30 teams of the 2010’s. He did the Tomahawk Chop in Atlanta, cursed out the Rally Monkey in Anaheim, and gave the controversial Barry Bonds a standing ovation in San Francisco. He absorbed Dodger Dogs, Philadelphia Cheesesteaks and Kansas City Barbeque. Eric was able to see everything up close…from the stadiums and local culture to food and team histories.

From Rally Caps in Detroit to Rain Delays in Miami to Racing Sausages in Milwaukee, every major-league team adds something different to the collection of statistics and memories that we call the National Pastime.

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