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Erik Ammon

SONY DSCErik Ammon is a father, husband, writer, runner, and teacher. He writes children’s fiction as well as fantasy stories for adults. He has always loved fantasy stories, fueled by his former Dungeons and Dragons playing days. His love of children’s literature has been fostered by both teaching elementary school and his own children. He hopes that his love of writing will continue to inspire him to write books that help children become life long readers.

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The Rabbit Who Wished He Could Fly: The Adventures of Kona and His Friends, Book 1 (Children’s)

The Rabbit Who Wished He Could FlyKona, a rabbit, wishes he could fly like his friends, Bella, a crow, and Morgan, a sparrow. But, when Bella and Morgan get stuck in a net covered blueberry patch, will Kona be able to help them? Will he realize that being a rabbit is the only way he can save them? ‘The Rabbit Who Wished He Could Fly’ is a classic tale about the importance of being yourself. Beautifully illustrated in water color, this book is a must have for all kid’s libraries!

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The Lost Squirrel (Children’s)

the lost squirrelOscar, a squirrel, has lost his home and is trying to find a new one. It’s up to Kona, a rabbit, and his friends, Bella, a crow, and Morgan, a sparrow, to help save the day. Will they be able to help their new friend?

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