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February’s Featured 5


1. S.G. Night, author of the Three Acts of Penance

SG NightSG Night has been a writer since he was old enough to hold a pen. Hailing from Northern Virginia, he spent his youth in Honors writing programs, garnering a love for science-fiction and fantasy. The countless hours of world-building and scribbling in notebooks began to bare fruit in the summer of 2012; over the course of the following year, he worked tirelessly to craft his debut Epic Fantasy novel. Night completed the manuscript for Attrition: the First Act of Penance shortly before his 18th birthday.

S.G. Night’s Author Page

2. Ashleigh Steele, author of Electric Shock

AshleighAshleigh Steele has many interests and can’t make up her mind on how many hobbies she wants to have. She works for a nutrition program at day, and studies to get a nursing degree by night. Somewhere in there she writes too! She is a wife and mom of two and also has a love of animals, but currently only has a dog and a turtle. She reads, writes, attempts to craft, and thinks that she can sing and dance despite the numerous times her kids have asked her to stop. She also has a huge passion for woodworking and won first place in a state of Texas competition for a piece she built. She only recently decided to self publish her first novel and looks forward to continuing to share her stories with the world. She has a quote that she loves to share; “Don’t close your eyes at night until you’ve learned something new.”

Ashleigh’s Author Page

3. Ilyan Kei Lavanway, author of An Aviator at Heart

IlyanIlyan Kei Lavanway is a fresh new face in the world of indie authors and publishers. His unique name could prove to be an asset as an author and publisher. Mr. Lavanway is married and has one son who has Down’s syndrome. Mr. Lavanway grew up in Wenatchee and Waterville, Washington State. He is the oldest of seven siblings. He spent his high school summers driving wheat trucks and combines during harvest, earning cash to support his first love, the love of flight. He was an avid private pilot in his teens. Ironically, for all his love of aviation, Mr. Lavanway’s 14 years in the United States Air Force never landed him a flight crew assignment. Nope. He was kicking it subterranean school in a capsule beneath the North Dakota plains as an ICBM launch officer for his first four years of service, followed by a year of really uninteresting work in a vault, on base.

Ilyan’s Author Page

4. Susan O’Neill, author of Don’t Mean Nothing

SusanSusan O’Neill has been a waitress, an RN, a war protestor, an Army lieutenant, a Peace Corps volunteer, a singer, a storyteller, a reporter, and a humor columnist.

She now eats out a lot, volunteers for Hospice and reads to kids at a hospital clinic, has joined Veterans for Peace, is a Viet Nam vet, and blogs for a Peace Corps writers’ site; she sings in the shower, tells great, walloping lies, edits both for pay and for love (i.e., for Vestal Review, the oldest continuously-published print/net literary magazine in the US—possibly the world—for Flash Fiction) and has, to date, published two books that are essentially funny in spite, or maybe because, of their dour themes of love and war and death and technology.

Susan’s Author Page

5. Kyle Brown, author of Dumb Waiters: The Awakening

Kyle BrownUnleashed from The Lazarus Pool and dumped on sunny Pasadena, CA, in the second year of Coagula… He’s a fifth-generation cemetery guy/landscaper whose lifelong passion for storytelling wouldn’t stay in its box. Known as the Irish Wolfman, he ravages your countryside – tales of hope snug in his pockets – always determined, always rockin’, always hungry.

Kyle’s Author Page

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