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Fenella J Miller

fenellajanemillerFenella Jane Miller was born in the Isle of Man. Her father was a Yorkshire man and her mother the daughter of a Rajah. She has worked as a nanny, cleaner, field worker, hotelier, chef, secondary and primary teacher and is now a full-time writer.

She has over thirty Regency romantic adventures published plus two Jane Austen Variations and four WW2 historical novels.
She lives in a pretty, riverside village in Essex with her husband. She has two adult children and three grandchildren.

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An Unsuitable Alliance: The Earl’s Disputed Inheritance Book 1 (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

An Unsuitable Alliance is the first of a six-book Regency series, The Earl’s Disputed Inheritance.
Edward Revere is the business partner of identical twins Adam and Richard Somiton and like his friends has no wish to remove himself to Somiton whilst the lawyers decide if Adam is the true Earl of Somiton.
Lady Eleanor Somiton is only too happy to move to the Dower House with her mother, the Countess Somiton and her sister Lady Grace and leave the new incumbents to live in the vast uncomfortable ancestral home.
As all the distant branches of the Somiton family gather for a summer house party not all of them are there with good intentions.
Edward and Eleanor are drawn to each other but they both know such an unsuitable alliance is impossible.

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An Erroneous Assumption: The Earl’s Disputed Inheritance Book 2 (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

An Erroneous Assumption is the second book in The Earl’s Disputed Inheritance series. Richard, identical twin brother to the Earl of Marchant, is obliged to travel to Cornwall in order to settle a financial dispute with the widow of a former sea captain employed by his company.
Miss Demelza Trenwith is certain the bank has stolen the compensation the family were entitled to. Her mama is in poor health and has left the household in her daughter’s charge. Her two brothers are running wild and are becoming dangerously entangled with the local smugglers. Without the promised money from The Somiton Company, the family will not survive the winter.
On his arrival, Richard makes the erroneous assumption that Demelza is a servant and she dislikes him on sight. A tragedy and an unwanted relative change everything.
Demelza needs Richard’s help but will she accept it when it’s offered?

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A Scandalous Abduction: The Earl’s Disputed Inheritance Book 3 (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

A Scandalous Abduction is the third book in The Earl’s Disputed Inheritance series. Each book is a stand-alone complete story so it doesn’t really matter which order they are read in.
Miss Jessica Somiton believes she is safe from her murderous brother and father so is happy to be in London during the Season. Captain Leo Somiton, as a soldier, is given the task of guarding her from harm by the Earl of Chalfont, Lord Adam Somiton.
Jessica believes she is being watched in London and is determined to return to the safety of Somiton Hall. The house is guarded by ex-soldiers but Leo decides it would be safer for her to be living elsewhere whilst he goes in search of those seeking to harm the young lady he has fallen in love with.
Millie Somiton is mistaken for Jessica and is abducted in her place. Jessica insists on accompanying Leo when he leaves to rescue the girl. This proves a disastrous miscalculation on both their parts.
Will Leo reach Jessica before she is handed over to her villainous family?

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A Convenient Wife: The Earl’s Disputed Inheritance Book 4 (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

A Convenient Wife
Miss Frances Somiton is in no mind to marry – even someone as handsome, charming and eligible as Lord Renshaw, the Earl of Stodham.
Lord Renshaw thinks Miss Somiton a suitable choice as she fulfils all the criteria on his list. When she runs away from him this piques his interest and he is determined to win her for his bride.
Will France succumb to his pursuit or will she stand firm and reject him?
This is the fourth book in The Earl’s Disputed Inheritance series. It can be read as a standalone.

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An Arranged Marriage: The Earl’s Disputed Inheritance Book 5 (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

This is the final book in the five-book series, The Earl’s Disputed Inheritance. However, like the other four titles, this is also a stand-alone book.
Lady Grace Somiton is confident her decision to marry Lord Somiton is the right one. They are friends, enjoy each other’s company and both want the same thing. She is happy to marry and is eager to start filling their nursery.
After an accident, a betrayal and a tragedy Grace is regretting her decision to marry without love.
Can Adam win her back or is their marriage over?

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The Duke’s Ward: The Reluctant Duke, Book 1 (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

The Duke’s Ward is the first book in a new Regency romance series, The Reluctant Duke, by bestselling author Fenella J Miller.

Major Richard Sinclair finds himself elevated to a dukedom. Now he is The Duke of Enchester and responsible not only for vast estates and huge funds but also for The Dowager Duchess and the three underage daughters.
He is a career soldier and has no intention of permanently burdening himself with this new inheritance. He will visit, set things in order, and then return to his duties with his friend and comrade, Sgt Major Riley.
Lady Amanda Sinclair has been managing the household since her father’s untimely demise and removes the family to the Dower House where their reduced income can cover their expenses more easily. She is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new duke and being able to pay the bills once more.
However, both Richard and Amanda are in for a shock when they meet. Can a true aristocat like her ever teach a rough soldier how to be a successful duke?

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The Duke’s Decision: The Reluctant Duke, Book 2 (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

The Duke’s Decision is the second book in The Reluctant Duke series.

Lady Sarah finds Captain Paul Marchand, the Provost Marshal sent to arrest Mr O’Riley as a deserter, an attractive gentleman but is, of course, not about to throw her cap in his direction. She is more concerned with her mama’s extraordinary behaviour and with planning the wedding of her sister, Amanda, to Richard, the Duke of Denchester. Events do not turn out as planned, and when Paul resigns from the military, everything changes for both of them.

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The Duke’s Predicament: The Reluctant Duke, Book 3 (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

The Duke’s Predicament is the third and final book in The Reluctant Duke series.

Lady Sarah and Paul marry as planned but the garden party to celebrate their nuptials is ruined by an unpleasant incident. The duke is faced with a predicament and it’s not one he can share with his beloved wife, Amanda.
Patrick O’Riley decides to appeal to Lord Wellington himself in the hope that he won’t be arrested as a deserter. Miss Hannah Westley decides to follow Patrick to Portugal but when he chooses his career over their happiness she returns to England. Doctor Peterson also has an interest in Hannah. He hopes to persuade her that she will be happier with him than with Patrick.
Hannah has a decision to make but will she make the right one?

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A Duke in Danger (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

A Duke in Danger is a traditional Regency.
Lord Christopher Drake is in need of a rich wife if he is to keep his mother and siblings from penury.
Lady Helena Faulkner has no wish to marry, but at two and twenty is in a fair way to being considered a spinster. She is content studying botany and raking around the place in men’s attire. She refuses point blank to have a Season in Town. Her indulgent parents persuade her to agree to marry if they can find a gentleman that fits her exacting list of requirements.
She has known Kit, Lord Drake, since she was a child as he is her older brother’s closest friend. Therefore, it is hardly surprising Kit and Helena decide they are a perfect match. She wants a friend and companion, a gentleman who will allow her to live as she pleases, not a lover, and he wants an heiress, not a simpering clinging young bride.
However, things do not go as planned and malign forces are doing their best to separate them. Can Helena and Kit overcome the disasters and misunderstandings and find true happiness?

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A Lord In Disguise (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

When Lord Edward Stonham kills his opponent in a duel he is forced to flee and take on a false identity. Miss Penelope Bradshaw applies for the job of his housekeeper in his new persona as Edward Trevelyan. She discovers the truth and becomes his confidante. They can never declare their love for each other because he is not in a position to make her an offer.
Is there a way out of this dilemma are they prepared to ignore propriety in order to be together?

Duelling is a hanging offence – when Lord Edward’s opponent dies, apparently at his hand, he has no option but to flee. Meeting Miss Penelope Bradshaw just adds to his problems.

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A Suitable Bride: The Duke’s Alliance, Book One (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

a suitable brideLord Bennett Sheldon, heir to his brother, The Duke of Silchester, is shocked to discover his profligate father had, before his death, depleted the family coffers by his gambling. Bennett, who resigned his commission on becoming his brother’s heir, decides that it is his role to save the family by finding himself a suitable bride.
The duke reluctantly agrees to this plan and his younger sister, Lady Madeline, is thrilled to arrange a grand house party to which a selection of eligible young ladies is invited. Beau, the duke, is adamant that Bennett will only marry a girl with an impeccable pedigree as well as a vast fortune.
Miss Grace DuPont has no wish to marry; she prefers to run her stud and take care of her beloved horses. However, her father is determined to gain entrance to the drawing rooms of the ton and believes his wealth and Grace’s beauty will be enough to attract an aristocratic suitor.
Mr DuPont blackmails Lord Peabody into including Grace in the invitation to the house party but she will have to masquerade as member of Society and Lady Peabody’s goddaughter. She is forced to obey her father and, with her stallion, her three dogs and her companion, sets out for Silchester Court. Her intention is to remain in the background, for if her true identity is disclosed she will be evicted.
Grace and Bennett are drawn to each other but she knows when he discovers who she is he will be disgusted. If he marries her he will lose his position in the family and be banished from Silchester Court. Can this dilemma be resolved or will Grace be left broken hearted?

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A Dangerous Husband: The Duke’s Alliance, Book Two (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

a dangerous husbandLady Madeline Sheldon has no intention of making a precipitous marriage like her older brother Bennett. However, she has no objection visiting Lord Carshalton and his grandmother when the opportunity arises. His lordship is only recently returned from the Peninsular where he was serving as an intelligence officer for Wellesley.
Grey isn’t looking to set up his nursery – he is more concerned with re-establishing a connection with his estranged relatives whose existence he did not know about until he inherited the title.
Someone is trying to kill Grey and he believes it to be associated with his time in the military. The first attempt was made whilst he was still serving and the danger appears to have followed him to Hertfordshire. Madeline is dragged into his treacherous world by events beyond her control and she is almost relieved when her brother, The Duke of Silchester, tells her it’s too dangerous to be involved with Lord Carshalton. She is finding him rather too attractive for comfort.
She and Grey are obliged to enter into a temporary engagement and this puts Madeline in the line of fire. After another attempt on his life Grey is forced to leave the area and she has to go with him. They are to stay at Blakely Hall, his ancestral home, until the danger has passed.
Somehow danger follows them. Beau, the duke, discovers who the culprit is and sets out in a desperate race to save both his sister and Lord Carshalton.

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An Unconventional Bride: The Duke’s Alliance, Book Three (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

unconventionalAn Unconventional Bride is the third in The Duke’s Alliance series.
Mrs Mary Williams, a colonel’s widow, arrives at Silchester Court with Miss Elizabeth Freemantle, who has been brought up as her sister. Beth is the Duke of Silchester’s cousin and he is her guardian.
Lord Aubrey, the duke’s youngest brother, finds himself designated to oversee the London debut of both Lady Giselle, his sister, and his lively cousin, Beth, as the duke is called away to his estates in the North.
Although Mary is only four years older than Aubrey she is more worldly and well-travelled. Mary is not thinking of marrying a second time, she values her independence too much, and certainly not to a young gentleman like Lord Aubrey.
Only when her reputation is lost, and marriage to Aubrey is impossible, does she understand that her feelings have changed.
Is it too late for them to find happiness together? Will the duke allow her to be part of his prestigious family?

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An Accommodating Husband: The Duke’s Alliance, Book Four (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

An Accommodating Husband is the fourth book in The Duke’s Alliance series. This is Lady Giselle’s story.
Lady Giselle Sheldon and her cousin, Miss Elizabeth Freemantle, are given permission to visit Bath if they agree to take Lord Rushton’s daughters with them. The two girls have been running wild and both Beau and Rushton believe a change of scene will be of benefit to them
Beau, The Duke of Silchester, soon comes to regret his decision to allow his youngest sister and cousin to leave home supervised only by his man of affairs..
Lord Rushton, a close friend of Beau’s, is still mourning the loss of his beloved wife and has no intention of ever marrying again. When Beth’s antics cause Giselle to compromise herself, Rushton steps in – as a gentleman must.
Can a union without love make either of them happy?

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A Soldier’s Bride: The Duke’s Alliance, Book Five (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

A Soldier’s Bride is the fifth book in The Duke’s Alliance series which charts the stories of a family of six siblings.
Lord Peregrine Sheldon, Lord Aubrey’s twin, is an intelligence officer for Wellington. When he is reported missing, presumed dead, Beau, The Duke of Silchester, does not believe this dreadful news and decides to go to Spain and find Perry.
Sofia, an English girl living in a Spanish hill village, fights with the partisans, wears a gentleman’s attire and is as far from a society miss as one could hope to find.
Perry is seriously injured in a fall and recovers consciousness to discover he is not only blind, but has no notion who he is, or what he is doing in the foothills of the Spanish mountains. Sofia discovers him and he is taken to her mother’s home in the village to recover.
Inevitably, they fall in love and Perry is finally able to declare his feelings when his memory and sight return. They are from different worlds and both soon regret their marriage. Sofia feels trapped by the conventions and rules of his world and Perry believes his lovely young bride will never settle in England after her wildlife in Spain.
Will their love be enough to overcome the social gulf between them? Can the duke step in and persuade them to stay together?

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The Duke’s Bride: The Duke’s Alliance, Book Six (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

This is the sixth and final part of The Duke’s Alliance series. The Duke’s Bride is Beau’s story.
Beau, the Duke of Silchester, decides to masquerade as plain Mr Edward Sheldon for a few months in order to pursue his love of composing and playing piano music. At five and thirty he is convinced he will never marry but all this changes when he meets Lady Viola Fenchurch and her delightful children.
Viola, a widow, after enduring an abusive marriage is equally convinced that she will never remarry and is not looking for love. However, despite her reservations she finds herself falling in love with Beau – who she believes is a commoner called Edward Sheldon – and when she and her family are in deadly peril she turns to him for support.
Can Beau convince her to marry him? Will his deception ruin any chance they have of happiness together?

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Victoria’s War: Shadows (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

Victoria's War ShadowsVictoria Bahani, the seventeen year old, privileged daughter of the Rajah of Marpur and an English woman, has always believed she would marry an Englishman and not an Indian. When she meets Captain Henry Hindley-Jones on the train to Delhi she knows he is exactly the kind of man she and her mother had been thinking of.
However, things are changing in India and her father no longer approves of the British. Marrying Henry means she must give up her Indian heritage and become an Englishwoman – will she live to regret her impulsive decision?

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Victoria’s War: Reunited (Book 2) (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

reunitedThe second, and final part of Victoria’s War, opens on the Burma front where Victoria is nursing. Here she meets the charismatic American, Captain Taylor King again and, for the second time, marries a man she barely knows. She is discharged from the army as unfit for duty when she becomes pregnant and makes her way to Boston where she is to live with her in-laws. Her reception is frosty and a few weeks later she decides to find her own accommodation. Taylor returns eager to meet his new son and start life with Victoria, but all is not well. His success as an artist puts pressure on their relationship, and then the arrival of an unexpected visitor changes their lives for ever.
Victoria is forced to make some difficult decisions and begin again in England. She has lost so much in her life – how long will she have to wait before she is reunited with those she loves?

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For Want of a Penny: The Nightingale Chronicles, Book I (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

for wantFor Want of a Penny is the first part of a two book Victorian saga –The Nightingale Chronicles is set in 1840s Colchester and the east end of London. A family tragedy means Sarah is forced to go into service at Grey Friars House as an under nursery-maid. Meanwhile her younger brother Alfie, to avoid being taken into the workhouse, runs away to London to seek his fortune.
Although the situation wasn’t of her making Sarah thrives, but just as she is becoming established in the household her past returns to shatter her happy life and she is dismissed without references.
Alfie arrives in London but is tricked and sold to work as a slave on a coal barge. However, eventually he prospers and begins to make himself a better life.

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Count Your Blessings: The Nightingale Chronicles, Book II (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

count your blessingsCount Your Blessings (previously entitled One Good Turn) is the second part of The Nightingale Chronicles. Sarah Nightingale is a strong young woman who keeps her head high and faces every new adversity with courage. Dan Cooper, a happily married man with three children, comes to her aid. When he offers her a position taking care of his children, and helping his poorly wife, she jumps at the chance. Life is looking up for Sarah.
Meanwhile her brother Alfie is also prospering in London until a personal tragedy makes him rethink his plans to stay there. He decides to take his hard earned wealth and go home to look for his sister. He can offer her a comfortable life – but will she want to come with him or remain where she is?

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Better Bend than Break: The Nightingale Chronicles, Book III (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

Better Bend Than Break is the third book in The Nightingale Chronicles, a series of four, Victorian family sagas. Sarah Nightingale marries Dan Cooper and becomes mother to his three boys. They move to a fine house of their own and Sarah has never been happier. Alfie Nightingale is obliged to do the right thing by Sarah’s friend Betty, so now there will be two babies in the family. Then one disaster follows another and Sarah and Alfie have dreadful choices to make if they and their families are to survive.

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Barbara’s War: Barbara’s War, Book I (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

Barbara's WarBarbara’s War has been given The IndiePENdents Seal # 10112245 .
This certificate is issued to books that meet their standards of good writing.

“BARBARA’S WAR by Fenella J Miller is a gripping tale of a young woman in wartime changing the course of her unhappy life. Some very dark moments. A really excellent read.
Maureen Lee

‘A captivating story, so evocative of the period.’
Jean Fullerton.

“If you liked War Brides you will love this book.”

As war rages over Europe, Barbara Sinclair is desperate to escape from her unhappy home which is a target of the German Luftwaffe. Caught up by the emotion of the moment she agrees to marry John, her childhood friend, who is leaving to join the RAF, but a meeting with Simon Farley, the son of a local industrialist, and an encounter with Alex Everton, a Spitfire pilot, complicate matters. With rationing, bombing and the constant threat of death all around her, Barbara must unravel the complexities of her home life and the difficulties of her emotional relationships in this gripping coming-of-age wartime drama.

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The Middle Years: Barbara’s War, Book II (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

barbara's war the middle yearsThe phony war is over and Hitler is beginning his rampage through Europe. Barbara Sinclair is determined to ‘do her bit’ for the war effort but circumstances send her down another, unexpected path. She leaves her home to start a new life as a married woman but when the bombing raids begin, tragedy follows.

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The Resolution: Barbara’s War, Book III (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

barbara's war the resolutionIf Barbara’s secret is discovered it will destroy her family, but no one can keep a secret forever. Her husband Alex, a Spitfire pilot, would reject her and her marriage will be over. A tragedy almost rips the family apart and then Alex is posted abroad. Barbara has to learn to live without him. A series of domestic catastrophes, bad news and the unexpected appearance of her childhood friend, John Thorogood, cause her further heartache. Can she find a happy resolution to her problems?

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A Long Way Back: Barbara’s War, Book IV (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

A Long Way Back is the fourth book in the Barbara’s War series. Alex Everton, Barbara’s husband, now has his own story and it fills in the months he was missing, presumed dead.

For Squadron Leader Alex Everton dogfights in his Spitfire are a piece of cake compared to being an evader. It’s a long way back to Blighty.

A raid over Dieppe seems like a piece of cake for Squadron Leader Alex Everton. His squadron is in reserve – but the Luftwaffe have other ideas. When his Spitfire is shot down Alex bales out expecting to drown or be incarcerated in a German prisoner of war camp for the duration. Instead, he becomes an evader – if his luck holds he will be home with his beloved wife Babs eventually. It is a long way from Dieppe to Gibraltar and his journey is fraught with danger, disaster and difficulty.

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The Conclusion: Barbara’s War, Book V (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

The fifth and final book in the Barbara’s War series, The Conclusion, is a heart wrenching, emotional finale to an excellent series.
Babs is a strong, independent young woman, she loves her husband and her two young children but is suddenly faced with tragedy and disaster and her marriage appears to be disintegrating too.
Her husband, Squadron Leader Alex Everton, is away leading a squadron of Typhoon fighter bombers and has his own battles to fight. He’s always known he’s not the biological father of his son Charlie but never thought this information would be revealed to everyone.
Can Babs and Alex find common ground and forgive each other?

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Hannah’s War (Historical Fiction/Romance/Family)

Hannah's WarWorld War II brings divided loyalties and tough decisions in this page turning drama from Fenella Miller.

Hannah Austen-Bagshaw’s privileged background can’t stop her falling in love with working-class pilot, Jack, but Hannah has a secret. Torn between her duty and her humanity, she is sheltering a young German pilot knowing she risks being arrested as a traitor. Hannah’s worst fears are realised when Jack finds out what she has done and their love begins to unravel.
Will her betrayal be too much for Jack to forgive?

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Miss Bennet & Mr Bingley (Historical Fiction/Romance/Jane Austen Variation)

miss bennet and mr bingleyIn Miss Bennet & Mr Bingley, Fenella J Miller returns to Jane Austen’s best loved novel, Pride and Prejudice, giving an insight into both Charles and Jane’s private thoughts through that difficult year. We discover what Jane did in London and how Charles filled the days until he was able to return to Netherfield. This book takes us past the wedding – when Kitty Bennet becomes the heroine of the hour. “Jane Bennet is in the spotlight in Fenella-Jane Miller’s delightful novel. We see Jane’s growing love for Bingley as well as her view of Elizabeth and Darcy’s unfolding relationship, and we find out what happened to her in London when she thought all was lost. Humorous, engaging and true to Jane Austen’s world, this is a charming read for Austen fans.”” Amanda Grange is the bestselling author of Mr Darcy’s Diary, (Mr Knightley’s Diary, Captain Wentworth’s Diary and many others)

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The Ghosts at Pemberley (Historical Fiction/Romance/Jane Austen Variation)

the ghosts at pemberleyMiss Kitty Bennet is travelling to Pemberley in order to become a companion and friend to Miss Georgiana Darcy when disaster strikes. Adam Denney, the Rector of Bakewell comes to her aid and is much taken with her. Bingley is hurt in the accident and he and Jane are obliged to remain at The Rectory, whilst Kitty continues her journey.
The coach accident is just the first of many terrifying incidents that occur once Kitty is established at Pemberley. Somehow her arrival has woken the spirits that occupy the East wing and these ghosts are determined to get their revenge on those who trapped them in the spirit world. Elizabeth is in danger and Darcy is determined to keep her safe. Can the power of God defeat the evil or will Pemberley and its occupants be destroyed?

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A Scandal at Pemberley: Book Two in the ‘At Pemberley’ series (Historical Fiction/Romance/Jane Austen Variation)

A Scandal at PemberleyA Scandal at Pemberley is Georgiana Darcy and Major Jonathan Brownstone’s story. The major is to be groomsman for his best friend, Adam King, when he marries Kitty Bennet at Pemberley. Georgiana is about to embark on her first Season, but after meeting Jonathan she is having doubts about going. As Lizzy is expecting twins Darcy can’t accompany his sister but is happy for his new brother-in-law to stand guardian in his stead.
When George Wickham arrives uninvited at Pemberley, he sets in motion a chain of events that could cause a scandal from which none of the family would recover.

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A Spy at Pemberley: Book Three in the ‘At Pemberley’ series (Historical Fiction/Romance/Jane Austen Variation)

A Spy at Pemberley is the third and final book in the ‘At Pemberley’ series. Darcy and Lizzy have been married for some time and their union is going through troubled times. This is bought to a head when Caroline Bingley, who always had designs on Darcy, arrives unexpectedly.
If having Darcy’s old flame under her roof wasn’t enough for Lizzy to contend with Colonel Fitzwilliam, an intelligence officer, arrives also. However, this isn’t a purely social call as he needs Darcy’s assistance to entrap two spies who are passing secrets to the French. Against her better judgment Lizzy is drawn into this dangerous escapade and asked to invite the suspects to a house party at Pemberley.
As Lizzy and Darcy dash from Pemberley to London and back again they not only unmask the traitors but rekindle the spark that brought them together all those summers ago.

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