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Frank David

Frank David is originally from Reading, PA, a small industrial town north of Philadelphia, but currently calls Akron, OH home. He came upon writing late in life, 48 to be exact. He was encouraged to write a book by a close friend who had read some of the stories he created. The stories revolved around the characters taking up space in his head and driving him mad. He knew the stories had to be told. The characters spoke to him, keeping him awake at night. The only way he would free himself was to share the words.

Frank currently works as an analyst for a large public utility and looks forward to the day his writing can free him from the mundane world of 9-5. Frank has a bachelor’s degree in computer programming and also his MBA and MIS.


Making of an Empress: Realm of Hulsteria, Book 1 (Fantasy)

Her grandfather is dead. She stands alone before those who look to her for protection and guidance. Those who supported her grandfather have turned their backs on the young Empress believing a woman is not fit to sit upon the throne. Even the Church as shunned her rule.
Follow Stelaphina as she leads her people in a new era. She will fight for what she believes is right – though the price she pays is more than she could have ever expected.


Making of an Warrior: Realm of Hulsteria, Book 2 (Fantasy)

Her first year on the Throne of Hulsteria was difficult for Stela. She ended her year alone. In book two, Making of a Warrior, her brother’s disappearance will be explained; her husband’s fate will be uncovered. Stela focuses on rebuilding the relationships damaged by her decisions, and magic reaches beyond the mysterious Order of the Scientia. The truth of the Imperial bloodline leads Stela down a path that will either cement her future as Empress or bring about her demise. She will face an opponent who will test her resolve and her dedication to her people.