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G.J. Griffiths

gj griffithsG J Griffiths, a baby-boomer from the UK, worked for many years in the photographic industry before becoming a Science teacher, specialising in Physics and Technology, for many more years. When he’s not writing he likes to read a wide range of material, from newspapers and wildlife magazines to the classics (eg. Dickens, Eliott, Orwell and Wells) and contemporary writers like John Grisham, Dan Brown and Tom Wolfe. More physically active hobbies include DIY projects, gardening, walking in the countryside and bird-watching. G J Griffiths is happy to be retired since it gives him a lot more time for the pastimes mentioned and being a Grandad! Having tried writing poems, scripts and short stories over the years he thought he would like to concentrate on writing a novel. Somehow that has grown to become three books so far and he is busy working on the third novel in the So What! series. G J Griffiths would very much like to write a science fiction book, having enjoyed and admired the works of Frank Herbert, Asimov, H G Wells, Jules Verne, Ray Bradbury and John Wyndham among a few others! But it is a somewhat daunting task in the face of so many superbly talented giants of the genre. At the same time, with his scientific background, he tends to look for technical errors, in addition to the human experiences of the characters in more modern examples of the sci-fi genre. However, Griffiths has commenced writing an illustrated sci-fi book aimed at children in the 6 to 9 year-old age range, and hopes to test the result on his grandchildren in the next few months!

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Fallen Hero (Literary Fiction)

fallen heroFALLEN HERO is about a man who seems to spend his life building bridges: Bridges between his unknown origins and his aspirations in life. Once he finds a tenuous link to his biological father Chris Squires cannot help but follow its path. Despite his misgivings he seeks out his roots. Fallen Hero is also about a man who is trying to reconcile the realities of war, and life, with his disappointment over his lost inner hopes for the dad he needed to find.

Two boys about to become teenagers: Christopher, born just after the end of World War Two, grows up in the UK; Fritz, orphaned by a bomb dropped on his German home in that same terrible war, befriended by a US marine. When Christopher discovers he was adopted he seeks to find his biological father. Fritz never gets the chance to grow much older and is found dead in the back of General George Patton’s Cadillac at the end of the war.

Chris Squires is a confused man, constantly seeking his hero father-figure. The British baby boomer is surprised to find he has a connection with Fritz. Chris discovers the link through Jimmy Lucas, a GI veteran, who he believes could be his father. But his surprise turns to horror when he learns that Jimmy was involved in the death of both Patton and the boy.

Did he kill General George Patton, one of the greatest Generals of the twentieth century? Did he kill an orphaned German boy at the end of World War Two? If the answer to any or all of these questions is Yes! how will Chris cope with the rest of his life?

A confrontation creates further tragedy for Chris, for Jimmy, and for Walt – the man who had saved Jimmy’s life! Chris panics and retreats back to Britain, trying to forget the incident he caused in San Francisco. Although appearing to lead a mundane and respectable life, for years he is tormented by guilt. He still hopes to find his hero, a guide to some kind of inner peace. And then Walt re-enters his life bringing with him a new bridge!

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So What! Stories or Whatever! (Literary Fiction)

so what storiesSo What! Stories or Whatever! is a collection of stories about the people who are found in a contemporary High School in England; tales that will make the reader laugh, cry, think deeply or differently, and maybe even be inspired or impressed. It generally follows the early and subsequent career of Robert Jeffrey, as he attempts to prove to himself that he can motivate the children he teaches to want to learn about Science – and maybe become scientists one day. All through the book we are made aware of the joys and disappointments experienced by pupils and their teachers.

The book tends to concentrate in the latter part on an unpleasant boy Kyle, who is a bully, and his effect on two other boys, Adam and Nigel Shantra. Unknown to Mr Jeffrey he also affects the way his teaching job changes at the exact time that Robert really feels he has become a “good teacher”. The three paths of Nigel, Kyle and Robert Jeffrey converge several years later, in the concluding chapters, to provide an unexpected twist to the tale.

Waterloo Road or Grange Hill meets Gervase Phinn? – well, maybe! Whether you love this book or hate it you will discover that the stories about its individuals will stay in your memory for a long time. With over twenty years teaching experience behind him, G J Griffiths has brought to the reader some of the stories about the children he taught, in this amusing and often poignant book. Parents, teachers, pupils and students will all recognise the characters and their tales. With the ever-present controversy about changing the education system this is a timely illustration of what is to be found in the classrooms of the contemporary High School.

So What! Stories or Whatever! is the book that lifts the roof to reveal the stories about the characters that are inside the contemporary High School, whether bully or victim, geek or star, Alien or their struggling teachers. If you’ve ever been to school you’ll surely recognise the characters and their tales, but, if you’ve never been to school you must read this book as a rough guide to survival!

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So What’s Next! (Literary Fiction)

so whats nextSo What’s Next!: Molly Pearson is a young Biology teacher with two passions in her life: a strong commitment to protecting wildlife; and a desire to encourage the children in her classes to feel the same enthusiasm for Nature. When her class decide they would like to restore the school’s neglected and vandalised nature corner her hopes are raised and challenged at the same time. The hurdles that she meets along the way will include bullied and bullying pupils, as well as the expected ones of finance and willing manpower.

But leaping those fences does not prepare the ambitious Molly for a dramatic fire and the confusion of a new passion in her life, in the form of Oliver Shrimpton. Will he become that significant someone, or is he just another obstacle for her to overcome?

G J Griffiths’ latest novel, in the So What! series of stories, is still based firmly around the events that take place within the “walls” of Birch Green High School. It follows some of the trials and tribulations of Molly Pearson, a previous novice teacher who was mentored by Robert Jeffrey – the main character from the first book. Molly’s efforts to spread the important message, about protecting wildlife and the natural environment, reflect something that has always been important to the author. For that reason some of the proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to wildlife charities. Although this book is an exciting novel telling the story of schoolchildren who want to protect garden wildlife, it also contains several chapters towards the end with plenty of helpful information for lovers of nature, and who want to take a fresh look at making their garden a wildlife garden.

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So What Do I Do? (Crime/Detective Thriller)

so what do i doThis is a thriller of the “How&Why’d they do it?” category and the book stands alone with its intriguing trail of catch-up between the police and the criminals. A crime that goes badly wrong in its execution, and goes on to tragically affect the local school community, produces a trail of chaos. It’s a winding trail that the reader must try to follow and which two ex-pupils from the school, one a detective and the other his violent quarry, take around Britain only to end at its shocking conclusion.

In So What Do I Do?, the third novel in the So What! series, we see the return of a few of readers’ favourite characters from the previous books. Constable Nigel Shantra returns as a detective, determined to bring to justice Kyle Crabbe, the psychotic adversary of his from the first So What! novel. And just what does a class of cheeky chimps, and a large black spider monkey, have to do with the traumatic events surrounding Hodgson’s Hide – the legacy of retired Technology teacher Gil Hodgson?

Molly is back also, now as an experienced teacher and a new mum. She’s trying to come to terms with the major changes planned for Birch Green High School, while she and Oliver have dramatic plans of their own that could seriously affect both their careers. Still anxious to save the natural environment and its wildlife, Molly is also troubled by the plight of the neglected children of the world and climate change. Is she ever going to settle down to a blissful life of domesticity with her family when so many problems insist on grabbing her attention?

When a conspiracy to defraud the local populace, devised by two apparently respectable but unscrupulous pillars of the community, goes disastrously wrong it results in an intriguing case for detective constable Shantra to solve. The traumatic events that ensue will prove to affect the haplessly incompetent pair of criminal perpetrators, hired by the swindling conspirators, as well as the teachers and pupils of Birch Green High School.

Recently promoted Molly discovers that the pressures of helping newly qualified teachers, like James Gibborn, to cope with unruly classes bear no comparison to the eventual strain that she and her colleagues experience when an ex-pupil of the school decides it’s time for payback. This bullying past enemy of Nigel Shantra and his brother, Adam, will prove to be far more ruthless and cruel than anyone could have imagined in order to achieve his criminal ambitions. But he is just as likely to turn his attention towards anyone who upsets his plans, with terrifying consequences for those who won’t comply with his wishes.

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The So What! Stories Trilogy (Contemporary fiction/Humor/Crime/Thriller)

SWS Trilogy promo cover2This Great Blockbuster Trilogy of the So What! Stories has it all – Humour, teenage heartache and criminal thrills and spills!
In Book One we follow the career of teacher Robert Jeffrey through the antics of his pupils – in and out of the classroom.
In Book Two we find Molly Pearson, Robert’s student teacher, attempting to create a wildlife and nature garden with the help of her Year 7 kids, against dramatic odds!
In Book Three the reader has to keep up with ex-pupil detective Shantra as he pursues the desperate criminals who caused trauma and tragedy to the school community.

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