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Guest Post: Interesting Revelations by Rosemary Gallagher

I wanted to share with you a couple of “interesting occurrences” that have happened since I have written my book “ I LISTENED TO MY HEART” which is making me more aware of the power of manifesting what we want into our lives through written words.

I have been writing lyrics now for the past few years and one of my songs “When I’m Alone” which was under consideration by a music publisher has now been selected to be put forward to country music star Faith Hill. Now, whilst it hasn’t been chosen yet – and it may not- it is an achievement in itself just to be selected. Country music is a very tough market to break into! However, the reason I’m sharing this news with you is because I had actually written about this in my book (see page 341) – where I wrote the following: “Can you imagine someone as famous as Alicia Keys singing ‘Did I Misread all the Signs’, or Faith Hill singing ‘When I’m Alone’ and my latest is ‘I’m Free’, which I’d love someone like Sheryl Crow or Lucinda Williams to sing,” I said with excitement.

I’d totally forgotten that I’d written it – but my angels hadn’t and they wanted to remind me – so they did! As I was settling myself into bed – still very much excited about my news – for some reason I picked up my book and randomly opened it to page 341. I started to read the page and blow me down; there it was in black and white! I had already written what had just happened. But what really surprised me was the fact that I had opened my book to that particular page. Synchronisation at play here, that’s for sure. Mind you I shouldn’t be surprised as I’m always getting messages and signs from the universe, but signs like this, well to say I was gobsmacked is an understatement! I mean there are hundreds of country singers and I’ve had over 25 songs recorded to music – why did I pick Faith Hill, and that particular song?

I had also experienced this sort of occurrence once before just after writing my book. I wrote about a music producer that I meet in my book called David Walker, and at the time of writing it was a fictional name that I randomly picked out of my head. One day I was on the internet looking for a good/inexpensive demo company as I had just written a song that I really wanted to have recorded. I came across a site called Walker Enterprises, so I sent them an email asking about their services etc. The reply came back from a man called David Walker. Hmmm, that name rang a bell so I went through my manuscript as I was certain that was the name of the music producer that I had written about. And it was! I have since gone on to meet David Walker as he is producing a couple more songs for me. But, I’m beginning to wonder….have I written my own reality?

I sure hope I have as I love my ending. 🙂 I will keep you updated if I have any more exciting “revelations.”

Love Rosemary

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