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Hunter William

hunter-williamHunter William is an American author and storyteller who began her writing journey during her teenage years. During graduate school, she wrote fictional short stories. As a professional, she wrote diagnostic reports and funding proposals for over fifteen years. However, her first love always remained in fiction writing. In 2016, she is pleased to present her first fictional project, THE CHARM TOWN SERIES, a murder mystery trilogy set in an urban school district. CHARM TOWN is the first novel in the series, followed by CHARM TOWN CODES and CHARM TOWN REVELATIONS, both due for release in spring and summer 2017. She enjoys meeting other authors, traveling, good food, rhythm and blues, and country music. A life-long Maryland resident, she now resides in suburban Washington, DC with her family.
Ms. William is available for speaking engagements, book signings, and readings. Please contact her website for additional information.

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Charm Town (Murder Mystery, Romance, Drama)

charm-townFor American social worker Peyton Stanfield, it was the usual start to another school year at Montebello High School. The students are anxious and excited about school and struggling with managing lives that intersect with the usual distractions of adolescence but also substances, crime, violence, and family dysfunction. However, a chance encounter with Hamilton Banks, a handsome, captivating, and wealthy Jamaican businessman forever changes her life and immediately consumes it. He is unlike any man she knows: passionate, mystifying, and married to the president of the Charm Town School Board. His presence, persistence, and desire for her attention lead to a socially forbidden love affair. Committed to the students and their life stories, challenges, and triumphs, Peyton’s willingness to engage in Hamilton’s world reveals the dark side of the Charm Town School District.
Surprising, funny, and thought-provoking, CHARM TOWN shines a spotlight on the lives of the children in urban school settings, the corruption of the school district and the vulnerability of love relationships.

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