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Iain Morrison

Iain MorrisonIain has always written but has only been able to devote more time to writing since he retired. Born and brought up in the Scottish Highlands he initially worked in forestry and the paper industry before training as a teacher. Then he taught in Edinburgh and back in the Highlands for a number of years. As he says himself he then got a “real job” and set up his own business as a Landscape Gardener. Joy, his second wife, worked in the Salmon Farming Industry for many years. Eventually the rain and the midges triumphed and they retired and moved to Devon.

Iain has written in many guises, including summarising government publications and writing speeches for the Trade Union movement when a student in Edinburgh. He has written a variety of poems and even a folk song. He has also written a set of short stories based in the Highlands but these are yet to be published.

Retirement and a smaller garden gave Iain the time to dedicate to his writing and his first novel was published in 2012. This was followed in 2015 by the publication of another thriller and a two story volume of children’s stories.

Iain is currently worked on a historical novel “Isabella’s Orphan” which is set in England and Scotland at the time of the early Plantaganents and the Scottish Wars of Independence.

An ongoing project is a full scale Musical Drama “Chalice of Strife” which is set in Britain against a backdrop of the Jacobite Rising of 1745/6. This is in collaboration with the Musician and Composer Andrew Campling and the two of them collaborated on several musicals when they were both teachers in the Highlands.

Like An Ocean Shelf (Political, Crime)

like an ocean shelfThis fast-paced novel, set in the modern Scottish Highlands, is a thriller with faintly ghostly echoes. Recently retired from the Special Boat Service, James Gray is involved in seismic exploration of the sea bed. His training, experience and convoluted circumstance have led him back to his home, Fort William, at this time. He rapidly runs into difficulties in trying to launch his company. His situation is complicated by his passionate involvement with two disparate women. One, Alison Prentice, with whom he is staying, and the other a young reporter, Mairi MacKenzie who becomes deeply enmeshed with James and his company. In quick succession, fire-bombings, shootings, major bomb attacks and horrific road accidents draw James inexorably back into the world of violence, espionage and politics. The cast of characters widens to include strange senior police, old naval spymasters, active politicians and personnel from national and international organisations.

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Visions in the Dark (Political, Crime)

visions cover cropWhen all sorts of accusations, denials, revelations, disclosures, and leaks are swarming and spilling around the security agencies of the United Kingdom and the USA, it is worse when the Snowden effect erupts. A bruised and slightly disillusioned Commander Elaine Black, training officer and senior security advisor at GCHQ Bude Listening Facility, is plunged into a bewildering and dangerous battle to make sense of and counter a desperate threat to British Security. Headless bodies, fire bombings, threats of chemical warfare unloosed on a small West Country town, apparently straightforward murders and the killing of a policeman make Elaine Black thankful for the involvement of a pair of incorruptible and driven police detectives and the experience and expertise that they bring to the party. However, as the stakes get higher and higher, Elaine is further gratified to have two old fighting companions on side. The question is, can the team confound the multinational conspiracy that stretches to the highest echelons of British and American financial and political establishments?

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Corrie’s Timeless Travels and Travails (Children’s)

Corrie cover cropCorrie and the Time Arch: Corrie has been enjoying a normal Saturday, playing football and taking the dog out. Then time actually seems to stand still, and this creates all sorts of problems. She encounters some interesting and dangerous people, time and space. Corrie’s own native wit helps set her and her new friends free from a potentially earth-shattering threat.

Corrie and the Chaunt of Time: Once again Corrie is plunged into an adventure that is fraught with danger and menace. This time, however, her friends and close relatives are endangered. Christmas should be a magical time of celebration and family, but when even Santa Claus becomes a threat, and pantomime figures present bewildering and hazardous perils, Corrie’s life becomes burdened and deeply troubled. All this acute anxiety is further complicated by a young teenage girl’s normal angst concerning growing up, boys, fashion, sisters, parents, and the rest. Setting out to solve a problem at school, things get a lot worse. She is catapulted into a world that is unbelievably convoluted, much more dangerous. Corrie’s involvement with an extremely strange, if even more strangely familiar Time Lord, along with a welcome and much missed other Time Traveller, pitches her at an accelerating rapidity, further into an intricate and terrifying situation. In this nightmare land of dreams, enchanted forests, wizards, fairies, magicians, cities occupied by a ruthless desperate army all mixed with an old friend, a beloved grandpa, it takes all of Corrie’s native wit, luck, and perseverance to win out.

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