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Ian R Kaye

Ian R Kaye’s childhood was spent in the 1960’s witnessing advances in pop, art, along with a new philosophy. The excitement surrounding The Beatles certainly changed his world. Whilst completing a part-time degree in law, he was fortunate enough to be taught and inspired by his friend Neville Digby, a senior lecturer and barrister. Long before the philosophy of Kolb’s ‘Experiential Learning’ was embraced by further education institutions in Britain, Neville encouraged students to ‘live life’ to learn the subject. When, in turn, Ian taught law he again introduced such practices.

From lawyer and educationalist to writing children’s books may at first site appear strange. But each case in our law tells a story, some tragic and sad, others inspirational and maybe at times a little funny. After all law does reflect life.

Ian’s first involvement in creativity took the form of inventing several board games in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. The first was all about the law. At one time three of his games were on sale throughout the country and were advertised on tv.

It was during this period that he first thought about writing a book based on imaginary characters who lived on the beach. Once again, both career and gaining 2 post graduate qualifications interrupted (or should he say assisted) the development of his idea.

Upon moving to the coast Ian continued his thoughts on the characters of the books. Long walks along the beach accompanied by the sounds of the gulls and sea drove his thoughts forward. One of the most nerve wracking times is when you read or show your creation to another person. Fortunately his partner, Marie Campbell is a published author herself (Strange World of the Brontes et al.) After listening to his work, she encouraged him to make progress and develop the ideas. Hence The Shellies have come into being.

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Contract Law Notez: An Introduction to Contract Law (Law)

untitled (3)Contract Law Notez is part of series of books which have been created to assist in the understand, application and remembering a subject. This book is suitable for all studying contract law at undergraduate level, including law degrees, ILEX, CLC, A Level, GCSE and other courses where contract law forms part of the course. Those seeking employment in the legal sector or employment where a knowledge of contract law along with business people engaged in making contracts will also find this book of use.

The books are not intended to replace text books or lecturer notes but have been created to fit alongside and complement them. Applying the subject to situations which are frequently encountered in everyday life has long been recognized as an efficient method of assisting the learning process and was specificaly recommended by the American educational expert David Kolb in his works on Experiential learning.

Suggestions are provided on how readers could use and apply case law, 37 different contract law cases are explored to demonstrate how each can be used in several different ways when answering examination questions, for example there are at least seven areas where the case of Balfour v Balfour can be used as authority.

The book features a ‘remembrancer’ to assist in remembering key definitions and case law.

The methods used have been tried and tested by the author for over three decades of teaching law on both academic and professional courses.

The topics covered in this book form the core element of contract law and include:





Promissory Estoppel.

Intention to create legal relations,



Guidance is provided on how to forensically examine facts and find solutions to legal problems.


Land Law Notez (Law)

land lawLand Law Notez is part of a series of books which have been created to assist in the understanding, application and in remembering the subject. This book is suitable for all studying Land Law at undergraduate level, inluding degree, ILEX, CLC, A Level, GCSE.

From the Norman Conquest till today land has been treated differently from other types of property. A symbol of wealth or maybe power, a valued asset. Land law forms a significant part of the wider English Property Law.

This work introduces, guides and assists the reader through this wonderful topic. Definitions are explained in everyday language and related to examples from every day life.

Ideal for all studying the subject, whether on academic or professional courses along with people employed in areas where land law has a major role to play, for example estate agents, people working in the financial sector and those starting careers in legal practice or with licensed conveyancers.

Ian has taught this subject on both the Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX) course and the Council for Licensed Conveyancers Course (CLC).

The book is intended to complement text books on the subject.

Topics covered include:

The nature of porperty and the distinction between real and personal property.

The definition of land

Explanation of the terminology

Land owners rights

Fixtures and chattels

Legal estates and interests


Equitable interests and Equity’s Darling

Rules relating to notice

Case law

A 41-page remembrancer (a memory aid)


Tort Notez: Trespass – Land, Goods and the Person (Law)

tortTort Law Notez forms part of a series of books which have been created to assist in the understanding, application and in remembering a subject.

This book is suitable for all studying Tort at undergraduate level, including degree, ILEX, A Level and GCSE .

Trespass to land, to the person and goods along with conversion and the Rule in Wilkinson v Downton all feature in this work.

It has not been the intention to replace textbooks or works of authority on the subject. Instead this is an attempt to introduce and explain these wonderful torts. Packed full of cases,some chosen because of their novelty value, others because of their contribution to the continuing development of our law and others because they are essential.

Breaking away from the format of other books in the Notez series, we have not encouraged readers to go out and experience the subject matter directly for themselves. After all experiencing an assault, battery or false imprisonment is not something which we would recommend!

Whilst the origins of these torts may date from centuries long gone by, they are all still highly relevant in today’s society. With more airport runways being planned maybe we will see repeat court actions by airport authorities against the new generation of environmental protesters. Advances in medical science could see courts struggle once more with questions concerning the ownership of body parts and organs.

Suggestions have been provided on how readers can use and apply case law.

A ‘remembrancer’ to assist in remembering key definitions and case law features in the book..

The methods used have been tried and tested by the author for over three decades of teaching law on both academic and professional courses.


Copyright Notez: How to Protect what you have Created (Law)

In this book creative people will discover a wealth of information to assist them protect their rights. For example, which part of a board game can be protected by copyright? How do you obtain evidence to support your copyright? How can a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement assist? Whats is a trademark and how could it help? An easy to understand, user-friendly guide to assist you avoid the pitfalls along.

The contents include:

Copyright and evidence of copyright.

The Economic and moral rights which an author can protect.

Confidentiality agreements.

Working with others, such as co authors, illustrators, other musicians.

Drafting agreements to provide certainty when working with others.

Legal problems and suggestions of how to avoid them.

Hints and Tips on promotion.

This book is suitable for authors, musicians, board game inventors, blog creators, photographers, artists and dramatists.